5 Offbeat Movies for a Father’s Day!

Raised by a single mother and never having a father around in my growing years, I crave for movies on father-son relationship; Like it even better if it is estranged. Here is a list of some offbeat movies you might like to watch on a Father’s Day.


I was a born and raised in a small town in India but there is some much I can relate to the characters of this movie.


The chef father-son duo has one hell of a ride on their food truck.

Big Fish

This father inspires me as a story teller and you will never be able to tell fact from fiction.

The Judge

The feel of going back to your town, your family, your roots and standing up for the ones you love.

Okuribito aka Departures

This one’s my personal favorite and yes, I am morbid.

Do you have any recommendations? Please comment.

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