Transcripts from Madurai Kamaraj University

What is the process of getting a transcript?

  • Have your application form, original certificates/documents ready for verification
  • Get your application assessed by the office of Controller of Examination(COE)
  • The official will let you know the fee based on your year of completion and the number/types of transcripts required including the postage charges
  • There is a State Bank of India(SBI) bank opposite to the university’s premises
  • Collect and fill the Challan(The receipt given for your reference after paying the fee)
  • The challan has three parts or copies(Student/University/Bank Copies)
  • After filling the challan, go the bank’s counter and pay the fee suggested by the COE official
  • The bank official will retain their copy of challan and provide you the other two(Student and University Copies) with the bank’s seal and the official’s sign
  • Take the application form and two copies of challan to the university’s Accounts Department
  • The official from Accounts Department will in turn sign and seal the application form and the two copies of challan
  • Take a photocopy of the signed and sealed application form and the university’s copy of challan
  • Provide the set of documents the official is asking for (Listed below)
  • Fill in your contact details and sign in the transcripts register
  • Write your name, address and mobile number clear and legible on the envelope provided by the official
  • The transcripts will be sent by post to the address on the envelope

What certificates/documents do you require?

  1. Application Form
    • You can download and print the application form from the university’s official website.
    • Original signed and sealed by the Accounts Department and one photocopy
  2. Original Degree Certificate and two photocopies
  3. Original Consolidated Mark Sheet and two photocopies
  4. Original University Copy of Challan and one photocopy
  5. Provide two Document Sets to the official
    1. Document Set 1
      1. Original Application Form signed and sealed by Accounts Department
      2. Original University Copy of Challan signed and sealed by Bank and Accounts Department
      3. Degree Certificate photocopy
      4. Consolidated Mark Sheet photocopy
    2. Document Set 2
      1. Application Form photocopy
      2. University Copy of Challan photocopy
      3. Degree Certificate photocopy
      4. Consolidated Mark Sheet photocopy

How do I contact?

  • The contact number is +914522458471 x 299(Extension). You can call them for confirming the transcripts sent by post.

How long does it take?

  • The COE official promised to post the transcripts within 14 days but it took me 35 days to receive the transcripts.

How much does it cost?

  • Transcripts: INR 1550 (Varies based on your year of completion and types of transcripts required)

How do I pay online? (Updated 27-Sep-2017)

  • You can now pay online using SBI Collect.
  • Select ‘State of Corporate/Institution’ as ‘Tamil Nadu’
  • Select ‘Type of Corporate/Institution’ as ‘Educational Institutions’
  • Click ‘Go’ Button
  • Select ‘Educational Institutions Name’ as ‘MADURAI KAMARAJ UNIVERSITY – REGISTRAR’
  • Click ‘Submit’ Button
  • Select ‘Select Payment Category’ as ‘STUDENT FEES’
  • Fill the actual amount in ‘TRANSCRIPT FEE’ and all the mandatory fields *
  • Click ‘Submit’ Button
  • Verify the details and click ‘Confirm’ Button
  • Select the payment method that suits you

  • It looks like if you pay online and post/courier the filled in application along with legible photocopies of the supporting documents, the MKU officials promise to send the transcripts in 20 working days

What if I do not receive the transcripts after the stipulated time?

  • You can fill in the online grievance form here for Non-receipt of Official Transcripts.
  • Contact the COE
    • e-Mail:
    • Phone: +914522459122
    • Fax: +914522458788

Does the university send the transcripts directly WES? (Updated 01-Mar-2019)

Yes, it does. The university has started sending the transcripts directly to WES now.

What else?

  • Please note that you are NOT REQUIRED to hand over any original certificates/documents. Originals are used only for verification and returned back immediately.
  • The transcripts envelope from MKU is NOT SIGNED by default. It only comes with a SEAL. Mention clearly to the official that the transcript envelope needs to be BOTH SIGNED AND SEALED.
  • For taking photocopies of the application form and challan, there is a student amenities center in the university premises itself. You get internet, can print and photo copy documents over there.
  • I am getting my transcripts for the World Education Services(WES) – Educational Credentials Assessment(ECA). I am getting ONLY the transcripts. I have not downloaded the WES Academic Records Request Form or done anything specific for WES.
  • I have successfully completed my ECA from WES as on 18th April 2016.

Thanks for reading. Hope this helps and wish you get your transcripts soon.


  1. Thank you so much, Is there a way I can reach you directly, my friend? I’m also in the process and would be great if we can connect.

    Many thanks and warm wishes
    V Joseph

    1. I keep travelling, but you could always reach me through this blog. Good luck.

      SR Narayan

      1. Hello Sir, I have completed M. sc. From Madurai and the centre which was dealing is located at mumbai i hv got the transcripts but i need to send it through Madurai to wes for verification, otherwise it will be rejected. So how do I do it now.
        Do I need to visit the university or sending the sealed envelope of my transcripts and a request mail would help.
        Please suggest.

        1. Author

          Not sure how you have received the transcripts. But since you have it already, better visit the university and have them send across right away. Thanks.

          1. Hello Mr Narayan,

            I contacted Uttarika ( was earlier known as cleartranscripts ) for transcripts for WES. Since I am away from India, visiting University is a costly affair.
            Uttarika mentioned that they will send the transcript to my address in India. I am not sure how that will work because WES clearly mentions that documents need to be sent by university directly.
            Please suggest what to do in such situation.


          2. Author

            Please check with the third party service provider if there is an option to send the transcripts directly to WES and share the airwaybill tracking number with you.

      2. how can I apply for Official transcripts from abroad to be sent to a university in the USA?

        1. Author

          Better to go through a third-party service provider in your case.

    2. SIR
      I am in requirement of Transcripts of Final or provisional degree Certificate, but since MKU has not forwarded me my Final Degree even after my applying for the same from December, 2015. In such case can they issue me Transcripts of my Provisional Degree Certificate which is lying with me.

      1. It is possible to get the transcripts based on the provisional certificate rather than the degree certificate. But I would advise to get your degree certificate at any cost. Not just for the sake of getting the transcripts, it will be required for several other purposes too. So please visit the university in person or send someone to represent you and get the degree certificate first.

  2. Very helpful and detailed blog. Thanks. Can we fill-in the application form, take the photocopies of each semester mark-sheet along with DD of “x” amount and send it via post to the concerned in MKU? Is this a good approach as well to get the transcripts in a sealed envelope within a stipulated time of 35 days.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. 1. You need not take photocopies of each semester but the consolidated mark-sheet’s photocopy should be fine.
      2. As per my knowledge MKU does not accept DD for getting transcripts. You have to pay the ‘X’ amount in SBI and get a challan for that.
      3. For determining the ‘X’ amount, you have to personally visit the university once. If it is not possible, you can give a letter of authorization to any of your friends/family to get this done on your behalf.

      Good luck.

      SR Narayan

      1. Thank you Narayan for the prompt reply. I’ll come back to you for more information, if required.

  3. hi,
    In order to apply for Education Credentials assessment to WES, does it require to send year wise marks sheets of my MCA degree to WES or can i send consolidated marks memorandum. Do WES accept consolidated marks memorandum.

    please let me know sir. i am planning to apply for ECA to WES.

    thanks & regards

    1. Universities provide semester wise or consolidated mark sheet. But WES does not accept both of them. We have to provide a transcript which is in a sealed envelope and signed by the university authority (Example: Controller of Examination). The procedure for obtaining a transcript differs with universities. Hope this answers your question.

      SR Narayan

      1. Thank you very much for your quick reply. But i need to know if university sends consolidated mark sheet instead of year wise mark sheet to WES, did WES accept it or not.

        In my case i lost one year transcript( mark sheet ) so i request university to send consolidated marks memorandum to WES, whether WES accept that or not. please let me know.

        thanks & regards,

        1. I believe you are talking about transcript (not mark sheet) which is being sent by the university to WES. It will be accepted.

          SR Narayan

      2. i will explain my problem in detail, please let me know what way i have to proceed to get it done ECA from WES.

        I did my MCA from MKU (1998 – 2001), now i am planning to apply for CANADA PR, for that i need to do my academic credentials evaluation from WES.

        The problem that i had was, i don’t have year wise mark sheets.i have taken 1st and 2nd year exams in 2nd year and single marks sheet issued together for 1st and 2nd year, however mku uniiversity doesn’t issue final year marks sheet. once it was confirmed the candidate was passed in final exam, university issues consolidated marks memorandum.

        Now i have to apply for ECA of my academics, if i will send below mentioned documents does WES accept for evaluation.

        1. Consolidated marks memorandum
        2. Provisional certificate
        3. Convocation

        i came to know from here and there that WES doesn’t accept consolidated marks memorandum instead it will accept only individual year wise marks sheet, is it true. which i don’t have right now.

        please suggest me what way i have to proceed.

        thanks & regards

        1. I’m afraid WES will not accept your Consolidated marks memorandum. Apply for your transcript using the three documents you have mentioned. Ask the university to send the transcript to your address. Make sure it is signed and sealed. Do not open the envelope. Send your transcript envelope and convocation photocopy to WES to get your credentials evaluated. Hope this helps.

          SR Narayan

      3. Sorry, here its not me who send consolidated marks memorandum directly to WES. i apply for transcripts to the university for the list of below documents

        1. Consolidated marks memorandum
        2. Provisional certificate
        3. Convocation

        the same will return by university to me in the form of transcripts in a sealed envelope and i forward that to WES as it is.

        Does the three above mentioned documents is enough for WES to complete my Educational Credentials assessment(ECS) or does it request for year wise mark sheets (transcripts) also.

        please reply me.

        thanks & regards,

        1. Year wise mark sheets are not required. The following are required to complete your ECA.
          1. Transcripts in sealed envelope
          2. Copy of provisional certificate/convocation

          SR Narayan

      4. So it was sure that year wise mark sheets(transcripts) was not required/necessary or mandatory if we(university) send consolidated marks memo transcript to WES.

        According to point 1. Transcripts in sealed envelope – means its only a consolidated marks sheet( .i.e., single sheet mark sheet ) however other documents that are mentioned in point 2 will fulfill the requirement of WES to carry out ECA evaluation.

        thanks & regards,

        1. Yes, that should be good. Wishing you all the best for getting your credentials evaluated.

          SR Narayan

      5. Thank you very much for your valuable information.


  4. Hi SR,

    How much did you have to pay WES and how long did they take to verify your documents.

    Do you also have a contact person number I can contact at MKU that could guide me or who knows what to do.

    Also do you have any number for WES for follow up.


    1. To know how much is costs and how long it takes for WES ECA, please check here. Folks at MKU are not really very helpful. A friend of mine has recently followed the steps in this post and was able to get his transcripts. Do let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Two copies of mark sheet, degree/provisional certificate is enough. To be safe, you can have an additional copy. The ‘No. of Copies’ mentioned in the provided application form link is the number of transcripts required. You can apply for multiple transcripts at the same time and pay the applicable fee.

  5. Hi SR,

    Need you help. Let me start of by giving a background.

    I am Mano, i got IELTS score of Listening – 8, Reading – 7, Writing – 7 and Speaking 6.5. Only if get my transcripts and recognized by WES i can initiate my PR. My CRS score will be 404 if i get my PG Dip transcripts and apply now. In another 13 months, my age will be 30 and my CRS will go down by 399 if i dont get a PNP nomination before that. So i have to do all the process faster.

    I got my ‘PG Diploma’ course results just 2 weeks back (from Madurai Kamarajar University) and I will get the mark sheets and Provisional certificate by Sep mid.

    So, the question is can i apply for transcripts without getting the convocation degree, that is – with only Mark sheet and Provisional certificate, can i apply for transcripts ?

    Because, i will get my ‘convocation degree certificate’ only after 1 month from the date of receiving my mark sheet, ideally i may get my ‘convocation degree certificate’ only by Nov 1.

    So, can i apply for transcripts without getting the ‘convocation degree’ and with only mark sheets and Provisional certificate alone ???

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you can apply with your mark sheets and provisional certificate. You are right about starting the process earlier. Good luck.

      SR Narayan

      1. Sir
        I need my original transcripts with marksheets in a sealed envelope with stamps, I applied for student visa in USA. How can I do it please let me know

  6. Hello Sir, I sent my original documents ( certificates of UG & PG) for verification to MKU Directorate of Distance Education as I wanetd to apply for a course. I did so after paying the application fee and sent all the relevant documents by post. I was informed that the the course admission was however not open and I was told that they would send the certificates back, but it has been a month and a half and every time I call they tell me they would send it but never do so. I am really worried. Could you give me some information on who is appropriate to contact for this or if any solution can be found?

    1. Please create an online grievance from this link: Mention the details of the distance education course you have applied along with the fee’s payment details. Elaborate your issue in the ‘Messages’ text area.

  7. Hi
    I applied for the transcript by paying online and sent the copies of the documents with the online receipt and one application. I am still waiting for my transcript.
    I call them everyday for the status and they always ask me to call them after few hours and the day ends like this.
    i called them yesterday and was told that the lady taking care of the transcripts is on medical leave and when i called them again they told me to dial 220 ext.

    This is what i am going through.
    Please help.

      1. hi sir

        i am also in the above situation , but sending mails or registering compalints or grievance have not yet been replied and no sight of my transcripta as well

        how do i go about in this case

        1. In that case, please reach out directly to the Controller of Examination(COE). Contact details are available in the post.

    1. HI

      1. Author

        The university does not have an end-to-end online process in place. The alternative way is going through the likes of iTranscripts or ClearTranscripts, etc.

  8. Hi,
    I need the sealed transcripts from MKU,but I stay in Pune.Can I apply online to get the transcripts deliverd to my residence address?If so,please let me know the procedure.

    1. The university does not have an option of applying online. The best way is to approach the COE’s office in person. In case it is not possible for you, please try to find someone who can represent you with your authorization letter. If you don’t mind paying extra, try some online service provider who specialize in getting transcripts from several universities.

  9. Hello Mr.Narayan,

    Greetings of the Day

    May I know if WES accepts a 3 year degree from madurai kamaraj university which is of distance education. Please let me know.
    Looking forward to hear from you sir.


    1. Yes, it is accepted. Please use this link to check your degree’s equivalency here.

      1. Hello Sir, Thanks for the link. This link doesn’t detail whether the degree should be a full-time or part-time. Could you please let me know whether, WES accepts MBA course done via distance education from Madurai Kamarajar University as Master’s equivalent degree? I’ve done my ECA already by WES for my B.E., and if you can confrim me whether WES accepts MBA distance education course as Masters, I’d apply for ECA again to secure high CRS. Please confirm. Thanks.

        1. Author

          WES primarily looks for the university and the program it offers. It doesn’t matter if it is done full time, part time or through distance education. Your MBA will be recognized. Good luck.

  10. Hi Mr. Narayan ,
    I am currently residing in Canada. And I want my transcript of Masters in Chemistry. In your previous posts you mentioned that they required original certificate and mark sheet. I cant send my originals from Canada. In that case what is other way to get the transcripts? I have applied by post for transcript in march 2016 (when I was in India). but there was no reply. According to website I sent DD but I now I came to know MKU doesn’t accept DD.

    Please help me in this case. What if there is no in person help for me in Madurai? .


    1. Since you are staying away and have no one here to help you out, the best way I would suggest is to go for a professional service provider like I generally don’t encourage middle men, but in your case this would be the most hassle free way. You may end up paying a little more than what you actually have to.

      1. Thank you so much, sir, for the
        solution. It is really helpful blog.

  11. Hello,

    Can I get the transcripts of only Consolidated Marks Sheet? I currently dont have my PC or Degree with me. I have applied for the PC. But in the meantime, can I apply for the transcripts of CMS? Their form does not mention anything related to this. It only mentions what transcripts you require in the form of “No. of copies required”.

    1. I have seen a person who was trying to apply for the transcript with the marksheets alone and it got rejected. It is only a matter of few days before you get your provisional certificate. So it would be better to apply later.

  12. Hi Narayan,

    The information was really useful. I have few queries. It would be glad if you can answer my queries.

    1. I need a transcript to apply for PR in Canada. Only my degree certificate & consolidated mark-sheet are enough?
    2. I am currently out of India. Can my brother-in-law or my mother approach MKU to get my transcripts?

    Andavarayan M

    1. 1. Yes, your degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet are enough.
      2. It would be better if you can get it done by yourself. If it is not possible, please provide a letter of authorization to your friend/family to get it done on your behalf.

  13. Hi Sir,

    I have done my graduation & post graduate degree through distance education from madurai kamaraj University. I am having all the mark sheets & Degrees with me. I want to apply for WES.
    I belong to Punjab (North INDIA). Do I need to come MADURAI For WES. OR I can do all that online. How do I get my documents signed & stamp sealed. I require your help. Or please provide me contact no of the concern person.

    1. You cannot get it done online for MKU. I would advise your choice in the following order.

      1. Come to Madurai once along with all the original certificates and get it done yourself. (You can also visit other places of interest in Tamil Nadu)
      2. Authorize your friends/family in Madurai or anywhere near-by to get it done on your behalf.
      3. If you don’t want to take the pain and are willing to pay a little extra, go through any third party service providers like cleartranscripts, etc.,

  14. Hi,

    I applied for the Degree by sending the Special Convocation form with all the required documents attached. How long it will take for the MK University to send me the Convocation Degree by post?

    1. Ideally it should take only two weeks. But please follow up with the COE’s office frequently so that you stay updated on the progress. Mine took more than a month.

  15. hello
    My self Archana
    I am applying for Canada PR
    The thing is , i had done my MSC from madurai university and till Bsc all education from mumbai university
    my question is i have to get transcript from only madurai university or both , i mean mumbai and madurai university?
    for mumbai university the process is different like first i have to get the transcript from my college and then documents assessed from university.
    but in madurai university it is different, when i called in university they said i can courier the photocopy of my msc docs with application form and DD by courier.
    but if ill send them by courier how they will verify my docs?
    please i need ur suggestion.
    Help me out

    1. First of all try to find the equivalency of your degree in the WES website here. If your post graduate degree is recognized in Canada, go ahead and apply for two transcripts(one from Mumbai and the other from Madurai). From my personal experience, it will be better to approach MKU in person. But if you have confirmation from the university officials that you can send the photocopies and DD by courier, please go ahead.

  16. thanks for your quick reply
    when i called the university i asked only for transcript, not for WES letter
    i actually dont know the WES letter will be included in transcript?
    and from mumbai university i also need to get transcript for my 10 & 12th ? or only BSC in enough?

    1. The transcript alone is enough. No need for any WES letter from MKU. All the best.

  17. Hi,

    I received the official transcript in a sealed envelope from MKU after waiting for more than 45 days by post. But the sealed envelope is just stamped at the back flip. it is not signed. Will this be acceptable by WES since I believe MKU only stamps the envelope for seal? If not can you tell me who’s sign did you get on the back flip along with the stamp? Is it COE or Registrars? I don’t want to wait another month to get the sign 🙁

    1. As per the WES guidelines, the transcripts need to be both signed and sealed. The transcripts will be signed by the COE. This needs to be explicitly specified at the time of applying/processing. I got mine both signed and sealed.

  18. Very helpful and detailed blog. Thanks.

    I Have 2 questions, Please give me your responses.

    I did my UG and PG from MKU , Should I submit 2 different applications for getting transcripts for them?

    I know now we can make online payments for MKU at SBI portals,Can this application send via postal or we should be given in personal?


    1. 1. Yes, you have to submit two different applications for UG and PG. Try the WES degree equivalency tool before applying.

      2. I believe the payments are for the usual exam fee, etc. The COE official has to assess your fee for transcripts based on your degree and year of completion. I would recommend visiting the university in person once and getting your job done.

  19. Hi Narayan,
    Tons of thanks for putting in so much energy to this valuable blog.
    I’m writing to seek your advice and assistance if possible, in getting the Transcripts from MKU-DDE for WES Canada.
    I’m an MKU-DDE graduate of 1998-2001, had enrolled thru GCUE, Kuwait and studied for 3 years on correspondence. I had got the degree attested for the employment visa back in 2009 by HRD & Foreign Affairs thru an agent in Kuwait since I’m a Pakistani national couldn’t travel to India. I’m currently in Saudi Arabia and to begin the process the online consultant advised me to go thru WES as verification is different from genuineness. Here there are no agents to deal in such matters.
    I’m puzzled… where and how to begin this process ?

    1. This is first time am writing to someone outside India but from the Commonwealth. For you, without a second thought I would suggest to go to any service providers (Ex: Since you are a Pakistan national and currently reside in Saudi Arabia, it is the only possible way out. Send the service providers the documents they ask for and pay the fee. They will take care of the rest on your behalf. Good luck.

  20. Hello Narayan,

    I appreciate for putting down the entire process flow of acquiring the transcript from MKU. Thanks a ton, I have been searching the web what is transcript and how it needs to be done. I came across your blog and it explains everything. I might repeat the same query in a different manner. However, I think you will be kind enough to assist me. I have completed Bcom from MKU in the past and applying for CA PR. I have all 3 yr marksheets, 1 consolidated marksheet and 1 course completion. I have downloaded the mku fee structure form which you have uploaded here. I like to know can I just get stamped on my Consolidated marksheet (3 year course and marks mentioned) and the Course Completion. Is this enough or do I need any further document from the university. I just hope that my document is good and it gets approved at one go.

    1. Yes it is enough. For course completion, you can provide the degree/provisional certificate.

  21. hello Narayanan ,
    I have received my transcripts from Mku . my doubt is that what else should I include before sending to Wes ??? do I need to include Wes request form along with these two envelopes ??

    1. I got my ECA without filling up any WES specific forms with any university. Just make sure your transcripts are both signed and sealed.

      1. yes they are signed and sealed …so I will just send these envelopes to Wes !!

  22. Hi Narayanan,

    Thanks for your detailed response to everyone.
    I have completed my B.Sc and MCA from Madurai Kamaraj University (Direct). But in B.Sc I have completed my 1st year in Autonomous, later 2nd & 3rd year in Madurai Kamaraj University.
    Hence I don’t have consolidated marksheet for my B.Sc, Individual marksheets and Equivalency order only they have issued. Apart I’m having provisional & convocation as well.
    I can get the Transcript certificate from Madurai Kamaraj Universtiy.
    Do we need to submit B.Sc Marksheet (Consolidated) to WES? (or) Do we need to submit only Transcript certificate and Convocation degree?

    Because individual marksheets and equivalency order will be weird to understand by WES person. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance for you reply.


    1. Transcripts and the Degree certificate should be enough. No need for the consolidated mark sheet.

      1. Thanks for the update Narayan.

        1. Under WES they have given one PDF file for to get the Academic request form [] . But MKU they are having different form to get the transcription certificate []. Which form we have to submit to WES?

        2. When will we get WES reference number?

        Once again thanks in advance for you to spend time & share the response.


        1. 1. I got the WES ECA for Immigration and did not fill any other forms. If you are pursuing higher education, then please go by the form provided in the WES official website.
          2. You will get the WES reference number after completing the WES application.

  23. Hi Sir,

    Im trying for a PR to Canada, need few clarifications on the below questions:

    1) I completed MBA from MKU in the year 2009 through Distance Education, I have mark list of all two years and a consolidated one. Do we have to get all three attested?
    2) Will MKU send the attested copies directly to WES or they will send to my residential address and then I have to send it to WES?
    3) We have to go to MKU in person? or is there any online facility for this?
    4) The application form, will we get it from MKU or we have to download it from net?

    Kindly Suggest.



    1. 1. No need to get the mark sheets attested. The transcript is another document provided by the university based on your degree and consolidated mark sheet.
      2. Better to get the transcripts sent to your residential address. You can send it later to WES.
      3. I would recommend to go in person to the university.
      4. We can download it from the internet.

    2. Can you please share your expereince once you pay teh MKU Fee. What we have to do after that for WES. They send directly we have to ask them everything please. Thanks.

  24. I want to apply for WES transcripts.I have consolidated mark sheets, degree and provisional certificates of MKU. Do i have to submit semester wise mark sheets? (I have lost one sem mark sheet alone)

    and also what are all the required docs for WES transcripts?

    1. The degree certificate along with your consolidated mark sheet will be enough to apply for transcripts. No need for semester wise mark sheets.

  25. hi sir my name is Sashi Gurung , i have completed my Bachelor,s degree in tourism and hotel management from Madurai Kamaraj university (2006 -2009) I HAVE ONLY RECEIVED my Course Completion Certificate so far how do i get back my degree ad provisional certificate from the University and i also need my transcripts for ECA .kindly help me out as i really need your guidance as i am presently working in Abu Dhabi.

    1. I would suggest you or someone to represent you visit the university in person. There are some third party service providers for getting the transcripts. Getting the degree certificate is important and shall better be done in person.

  26. Hi Narayanan,
    Thanks for your detailed response to everyone.

    I am willing to apply my WES for Canada and for that i have called them 118 times from the last 3 days to ask for the fees and the process.Then all of the sudden i came through your blog.Meanwhile doing that,a fellow from the officials in the university replied me and saying that i can do the whole process online and i do not need to come there in person.He told me the fees as per the year of passing(2009) along with the required xerox’s of my documents.I am really confused now as i can see the people here getting their documents after 2 months.Coming here via air is also a expensive tool….Also people have not received their documents signed or missed with the seal even after few months.Shall i go with the private service provider to do that on my behalf?I belongs from Rajasthan and MKU will be really far and expensive for me (50 hours in train)or 15,000 by Air journey.Kindly suggest me the suitable way of getting my documets done.Are the private service providers trustworthy?Thanks and Please.
    Mayank Behl

    1. The university officials mean that the application form for applying transcripts are available online. To my knowledge it cannot be done completely online. Yes, there are some third party service providers those are trustworthy. In your case, it will save a lot of time and money and better to go through them.

  27. I have applied for transcript and sent the post to MKU. Now i am worried when will I get the transcripts,

    1. It took me exactly 35 days. Follow up regularly with the COE’s office to know the progress.

    2. i got in two weeks. I applied by May 1st week, got it around 20th Best of Luck.

      1. Great to know that. Good luck.

  28. Hi , Can you please answer the below..
    I have to get WES + transcripts from MKU.
    Can I send my family members to the university on my behalf?
    And they don’t have the original certificates, Is that ok if they go with the Xerox copies of the certificates with authorization letter?
    Can we pay the fee in-person at the university? Or is it necessary to get the SBI Chalan?
    If I can apply for the transcripts via post what is the procedure?

    1. Yes, you can send your family member on your behalf. In my case, the university officials insisted on verifying the original certificates. From what I have seen, the fee is not payable directly at the university since it would pave way for many malpractices. It must be payable at the SBI bank only.

  29. I got my Transcripts from MKU. it took 50 days to reach me. Your blog helped to know the process. Now its three sets to be submitted for Transcripts one with application for University use rest two will be returned to you. Just wanted to let other to know

    Thank you SR Narayan

    1. You are most welcome. Good luck.

  30. Is it possible to get the transcript in hand rather than. Waiting for the post . I applied transcript on June 12th and submitted to COE office . Each time when I call they says that it’s processing and will reach within 1 week. Should I go directly to university once again and collect the transcript directly if they not posted it!? Is it possible to collect document directly ?

    1. From what I have seen, MKU sends the transcripts ONLY by post. It cannot be collected in person.

  31. Hi Sir,
    Your blog is very helpful. I just want to confirm one thing, is DISTANT EDUCATION DEGREE from MKU valid for WES?

    1. Yes, WES accepts degrees earned through distance education programs.

  32. Hi ,

    I would like to know where we do we write the WES reference number?
    Is it handwritten on the outside of the envelope? and,
    Do we write it or we ask the university officials to write it?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Yes, it can be handwritten. Please write it legible in a place that would not go unnoticed. It is better we write and post/courier it ourselves rather than leaving it to some university official.

  33. dear sir I need you hep in this regard

    1. Please let me know how can I be of help.

  34. Appreciate your help Mr.Narayan. Thanks for answer all the queries. Would you please let me how you come up with the 1550 charges. I hope i have come up with the answer myself. please verify and confirm.

    In the top section, it is written as Xerox copy (no of copies).

    I am assuming I need transcript for Marksheet and 1 Degree certificate and passed out year is 2003. charges for 11-20 years is 400. 400 + 300 (1 xerox copy) = 700 for Marksheet and 700 Degree certificate. Postal 150 = 1550. is that right?

    Do I have to fill one application form per degree or per certificate? Say 1 for Marksheet and 1 for Degree certificate? Or I can submit the application form per degree say for B.SC request for transcript for Marksheet and degree certificate in one single form. please confirm.

    1. This is the fee structure as suggested in the application form.

      For candidates within India
      1. Xerox Copy ( For each ) – Rs. 300/-
      No. of Copies _____x Rs. 300/–
      Search fee (for each certificate) to be remitted
      i) Current year: Rs 100/-
      ii) From 1 to 5 Years : Rs. 200/- only
      iii) From 6 to 10 Years : Rs. 300/- only
      iv) From 11 to 20 Years : Rs. 400/- only
      v) Above 20 years: Rs. 600/- only –
      Postal 150/-& WES Letter Rs.300/- Total

      1. Just to clarify I would need 3 sets of transcripts form MKU, as per the fee mentioned above is it 9 * 300 for Xerox copies (3 copies of Mark list, 3 copies of provisional certificate, 3 copies of Degree Certificate) or is it 300 for a set of copies(Mark list, provisional certificate, Degree Certificate).

    2. It should be one application per degree.

  35. Hi Narayan,

    I have a question. I have completed Bachelor of Engineering from MKU. And now registered in the WES for a canada PR. WES says I need to furnish the two documents.

    1)Degree Certificate (Final or Provisional) (For completed study, send a clear and legible copy of this document to WES. Do not send your original document.)

    2)Annual Statement of Marks/Official Transcript

    so when I request for transcript should I request the transcript of only mark sheet and not the degree certificate ?

    but again how will I send the degree certificate I believe it should go along with the marks transcript envelope. So will the university will place a duly attested copy of the degree certificate and my certificate have some Tamil sentences so will WES accept if there are other languages other than Tamil ?

    1. The university has a specific format for the transcripts. Along with the transcripts, photocopy of the degree certificate alone is enough for WES. MKU’s certificates are in both Tamil & English. If it is only in Tamil, then it needs to be translated by an approved translator.

  36. Hello Sir,

    I did my Bachelors and Masters degree in an autonomous College affiliated to MKU, Should I get transcript from the college or from the university?

    Kindly advice me to start the process.

    1. Please check your degree certificate. If it is from MKU, then you will have to get your transcripts from MKU only.

  37. Hi Sir,

    Waiting for your reply.

    I completed PhD. There wont be any mark sheet for that. should I get transcript for that too?

    In WES website, there is academic record request form as well as confirmation of doctoral degree conferral form. Which form shall I take? I am bit confused. kindly clarify.


    1. Please go for PhD or whichever is your highest qualification.

  38. Hi Brother

    I have completed my BBA and M.Com from Madras university and Madurai Kamaraj university respectively ,thru distance education, but I dint not done my +2 ,can I apply for WES only with my Degree transcripts?

    1. Yes, you can. Good luck.

  39. Thank you very much for such a detailed and informative post.
    I live in Kuwait – do I have to personally go to the university to prepare the transcript? If yes, can I ask someone else on my behalf to get the work done?
    Looking forward for your reply.

    1. Yes, you ask someone to represent you.

  40. I too called them today to inquire for the transcript they said i can pay online and send the filled in form with clear xerox copies of the certificates to the university, it will take 20 working days to receive the transacript

    1. They may have introduced this feature now. Could you please share the link where we can pay online?

      1. I paid it today using SBI collect option available in the SBI home page.
        You need to select state then education institutions and on the next page you will find MKU Registrar select that not the other MKU options.
        Then select type of fee as student fee it will load a form to fill the details like registration number name course then in the same form you will find transcript fee fill the amount in that for more details on the amount check with university before paying. Then proceed with payment, you can even pay using other bank options available in that page.
        Hope this helps!!

        1. That’s some great news and I never had this option when I applied for my transcripts. Thanks for sharing. [The relevant details are added in the blog post now.]

  41. I have MCA degree certificate from MKU year 2001 printed in Tamil and English, does it need translation for PR purpose ?

    1. No translation required. It is required if the certificate is printed only in Tamil.

  42. Hi Sir
    Referring your process, I applied for transcripts in MKU in Oct 2017. I am trying to call them everyday but because of language issue, couldnt get their response. WIth help of one localite friend, could understand they are telling from last 15 days, that it will be delievered soon. Now still I am waiting & they stopped responding phone calls. I am staying in hyderabad & it’s really tough to manage now & the issue has become critical.

    Please suggest!

    1. Author

      Sadly, that’s the current state of affairs. You can file an online grievance with the university or escalate this to the Controller of Examination. The relevant information is available under this section: What if I do not receive the transcripts after the stipulated time?.

  43. After couriering the Xerox copies to them, I called them several times, but nobody answered the call. The ring went on, so I sent them an email requesting them to acknowledging the courier received, but the email is bounces back. Please help. Rosh

  44. Hi Sriman,
    We already have our consolidated marksheet transcripts given by our college with seal n sign. Should we again apply n ask them for the same?

    1. Author

      Consolidated marksheet and transcripts are different. Consolidated marksheet is a sheet which has the marks from all the subjects of a particular degree. Transcripts has information about your degree and marks in a sealed envelope.

      1. Oh okay, thank you. Any idea about getting transcripts from Bharathidhasan university ?? Any links to follow?

        1. Author

          For some universities like Alagappa or Bharathidasan, all you have to do is write a requisition letter to the Controller of Examination. Photocopies of degree/provisional/consolidated marksheet will be required and you need to pay the appropriate fee. If there are any distant education study centers of Bharathidasan university near by, they can guide you better.

  45. Hello Sir.

    Just wanted to enquire the procedure to get transcript from autonomous college affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University. I have been advised by a friend to get the individual marklists and consolidated marklists to be attested from the college along with the WES application form filled and the envelope to be signed, then apply for University for transcript. Both to be send separately in two different envelope, is it the correct way to do it ?
    Would be great if you could help 🙂 thanks !

    1. Author

      As far as my knowledge goes, the process for getting transcripts is the same for autonomous colleges as well. Good luck.

  46. Hi Sriman,

    Thank you for detailed step wise instruction on obtaining the transcript. I live in US and would need the transcripts for applying for higher education. I’m wondering Is there a way where I can do this process 100% online?! I got 2 copies of transcript last year, looks like i need 3-4 more copies to apply to more universities. Plz help.

    1. Author

      To do it 100% online, the only option right now is to go through service providers like iTranscripts, ClearTranscripts, etc.

      1. Thanks you for your prompt response Sriman.

  47. Hi Sriman,

    I’m looking to get an official mark sheet as well as a consolidated mark sheet, the originals were destroyed/damaged during a mishap at the office.

    I have done my graduation through the MKU in Kuwait, could you suggest the best way i can go about this.

    Also, would it be more convenient for the process if i had to make a personal visit to the university itself?

    thank you.

  48. sir/madam
    I am from west bengal. now i am in 3rd year, bsc maths. i am doing my graduation from mku directorate of distance education. can ANYONE tell me how many certificates i will get after my completion of graduation. i am confused and whether i will get automatic or i have to fill form and application fees .there are number of certificates degree /convocation /consolidated/provisional/mark statement/course completion/many more.can anyone have the idea and full procedure.
    thank you all

    1. Author

      You will get the consolidated mark sheet and provisional certificate after graduating. The degree certificate will take some time and you will get it after convocation.

  49. Hi Sir

    I am planning to pursue MBA marketing as distance from Madurai Kamaraj. If I do the 2-year course in a single term ie. 4-semester exams are written in one time in coming december. Is this WES acceptable, can I get wes equivalency by sending the transcripts?.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    1. Author

      Do we really have an option like that in MKU?
      Anyway, what matters to WES is your degree certificate and transcripts. So, technically it should be accepted.

      1. This is true.

        I had completed my BCA from MKU (Distance Learning Mode) in lateral entry as MKU had considered my diploma to waive off 1 year.

        Now, my WES report says,

        2 Year Diploma
        3 Year BCA Degree

        Hope this clarifies your doubt,

  50. Can anyone help me to calculate the fee for WES transcript.

    1. consolidated mark sheet
    2. Provisional Certificate.

    What is wes letter fee,do i need to pay for that as well

    I am applying through post and hope they will send the transcripts in a month.if anyone has recent experience applying through post please share

    1. Author

      The fee will be based on your program, year of completion and the number of transcripts required. Please talk to someone from the COE’s office to arrive at the exact fee. Then pay it online and send the required details across. Keep us updated if you get it by post and how long it took. Good luck.

    2. Hello,

      Below is my calculation to pay the transcript fees online thru. SBI.

      No of copies: 1 x Rs. 360 = 360 Rupees
      From 1 to 5 Years = 240 Rupees (Because I passed BCA in Nov, 2014)
      Postal = 180 Rupees
      WES Letter = 360 Rupees

      Total: 360+240+180+360 = 1140

      1. Hello Sriman,

        As per the new WES Rule, I can’t send official transcript to WES directly. Only MKU can send the transcript by their name.

        Here, I would like to inform you that my WES reference id is before Dec 2018, which means that I can send courier directly to WES & hence the new rule doesn’t apply on me.

        Please correct if it is true.


      2. Hi, I have a Master degree in computer application. Will MKU send the transcript directly to WES. If they do, what is the amount should I pay and how can I fill up that form for sending to the transcript to WES.

    3. Hi there,
      I have sent all the requisites a year back but no response. It is better to visit the campus.

      1. Author

        A year is too long but better late than never. Do visit the university in person.

    4. Visit the WES site for details on WES fees.

    5. @Rohit
      Did you manage to apply through post ? How long did it take ?

      If so, how did you determine the fee ? The application form mentions in USD but, the blog also says it depends on year of passout.

  51. hello,

    Thanks for the blog.

    I am also looking for transcript from MKU to send WES

    1)Hope consolidaed marksheet is enough instead of sem wise marsheets
    2)In transcript application form,they have mentioned in WES letter for 360 rs.Do i need that also.

    Please reply.

    1. Author

      1. Yes.
      2. Not required for immigration. Some universities ask for the non-issuance of semester wise mark statements for higher education, especially in the US.

      1. So you’re saying that only CMS is enough? We don’t need to submit semester wise marks memo? I’m asking for immigration purpose.

      2. hello,sriman ! does m.ku send transcript to applicant because in iqas applicant could forward their transcript in spite of university.

        1. Author

          I believe MKU is not sending the transcripts to applicants these days. It is always being sent directly to WES. That’s why the extra charges for courier.

      3. Dear how can I get my original transcripts with marksheets from university to be mailed directly to US

  52. Hi, this a really informative. Do MKU send transcript directly to the institution rather than to us if we pay an extra fees?

    1. Author

      As far as I know, MKU does not have an option to send the transcripts directly to the institution. Also, I would strongly recommend you receive the transcripts from the university. Verify the sign and seal; Choose the best carrier and send it across by yourself so that there is better control and easy to track.

      1. Now the University is sending Directly

      2. As far as I know, WES will not accept the transcript if it is not sent by the university.

  53. Hi Sriman, this is a great blog. i am an NRI and have completed my BBA in 2004 through MKU. Can i call up MKU and get my transcripts or do i need to visit in person.
    Waiting to hear from you.

    1. Author

      Since you are an NRI, I would suggest better go for any third party service providers.

  54. Hi,
    Can I send all the required documents through courier. Will they accept it and send the transcript.

    1. Author

      Technically they should. Confirm with the university officials on the transcripts’ fee before you actually pay online. Never ever send any original documents by courier.

  55. Hello Sriman, Thanks for all the info.
    I did MCA from MKU in 2006 and i want to apply for transcript. i am in delhi and cant travel to madurai, so I will apply online.
    I plan to send the transcripts myself to WES. I need info on following points

    1. Do I need any other document from MKU except consolidated mark sheet and university certificate ?

    2. Does MKU needs to fill any form for WES, as I will send the documents to WES myself?

    3. In their application form they mentioned WES letter for rs.360. I suppose this is not for immigration, Please confirm

    4.They will send transcript on my address, so will they send final envelope (one with stamp and seal) in another master envelope to be sent to me ?

    Sorry for lots of doubts


      1. Hi Sriman,
        last month I applied for my degree transcripts and paid 1740/- ( for 2 copies and 180 for postal and 360 for wes letter) but after waiting 35 days I tried like anything but fortunately, I connected on phone and talked with the mku person. they informed me to pay more 6460 for wes for US charges and old 1740 is for my copies to send. I thought of like u happened., I expected the same way maybe they sent us a letter and other required documents and cover with all seals to my address. but I did not understand whether now they are sending directly to the wes for a credential report or not. why they asked me to pay 6460. may I know any recent update with you? thanks for the blog which helped me a lot of people like me really thanks a lot for ur replies

        may I know approximate ur courier charges to Us

        1. Author

          Hi Rajender,
          Earlier the university sends us the transcripts and we in turn have to send them to WES. But with the recent update, the universities have to send the transcripts directly to WES. Though the cost of shipping is usually less than 2000, looks like the university is charging a bit on the higher side.

  56. Hi,

    I have sent the transcripts in sealed envelope and my provisional certificate of the distance MBA from MKU to WES. Today I recieved an email stating that my evaluation status is on hold, as they have sent my docs back to university again for verification.

    I would like to know, has anyone faced similar experience from WES for MKU? If so, tentatively how long does the university take to respond to WES’ verification mail?

    Please share your thoughts on this matter. I am so desperately looking forward to get my ECA done.

    Thanks in advance


    1. Author

      Have they mentioned any reasons for putting it on hold? Have you received your degree certificate?

      1. In the mail they have mentioned that, this verification process with university is a part of their additional check. Nowadays, most of the MBA and PGDM certifications are put on hold by WES.

        I would like to know, will it be feasible to go to university directly and check with them, whether they have received any mail from WES?

        1. Author

          Try calling the COE/Registrar’s office first and check with them if they have received any mail from WES; Check which department is responsible for the verification. Like you have mentioned, if this is common these days the university will already have a mechanism in place for the verification process. Visting the university should be your last option. Keep us posted as someone else facing a similar issue might be aware of the solution. Good luck.

    2. Hi Sriman, me also same thing, MBA degree now WES kept it on hold after received the document and after 21working days later, my doubt is they WES mentioned all the copies sent to Verify to MKU waiting for the reply. Now MKU will get physical document or Email , if physical document then how they will post to WES, if they hold who knows, because to send to WES they required atleast 1400INR, it is really nightmare for me to deal with MKU because i am staying in Dubai, i intentionally went to MKU and done the transcript and waited for 10days to receive the document to my address then i forwarded that sealed cover with another cover to WES now this job who will do, why WES sending to MKU , if this is the case how MKU will send back to WES i am totally confused boss. please if you know how long they will take for the verify and send back to WES, please do inform thanks.


      1. Author

        Reach out to WES( and get the university email ID to which the details have been sent. Universities might have multiple email IDs. WES sends an email and a post/courier to your university. Identify the official having access to the university email. The easiest way is, you have to the ask the university official to search their email with your 7 digit WES reference number or your name. WES adds another 3 digits preceding to the reference number making it 10 digits. This 10 digit number has to be mentioned in the reply to WES. The reply email by the university should be sent to the correct email address and have the relevant content as mentioned by WES. Any university is going to be least bothered about your WES ECA put on hold. It’s going to be a pain.

        Do go through this thread from another forum, it might help.

      2. Even i faced the same issue. How did you manage to get confirmation from the university?

      3. Dear Yusuf,
        I am also stuck with WES on hold process from MKU. Can you please guide me. Can you provide me your email id even i work in dubai.

    3. Shan, did you find, what was the reason of hold? Please share

      1. Nowadays it is the normal procedure for WES to reverify all MBAs from India.

    4. Hi Shan,
      Even i got the same reply from WES for my MBA. Can you please let me know what you did to get verification from MKU? Also share what Wes evaluated to your degree? Somebody told me that you will be charges Rs 5000 by uni for getting the verification process cleared.

      1. I personally went to the controller of examinations and cleared the issue. They will ask you to pay USD 60 for issuing the genuineness certificate and make sure that they will respond to the WES VDR only via email, else they may send their response via normal registered snail post which takes 1 month to reach Canada.

    5. I have the same issue and when I called the university, they have asked me to pay a fee of Rs 4800 under Registrar MKU for them to verify and respond to the email from WES. I am unable to find the option to pay the sum.

      Any luck Shan? Did you get a revert?

      1. Hi Rahul, were you able to make the payment for verification? Can you please guide me as well on the process as I need to get this done for my wife too.

      2. Dear All, Did anyone succeeded in making payment to Madurai University for WES Reverificaiton. They asked me to pay Rs 6000 but no one helps in how to proceed with payment.

      3. Dear Rahul, Did you manage to pay to Madurai Kamaraj to respond to WES email. I am still stuck.

      4. Hi Rahul,

        I am in the same situation right now, my WES application is on hold and documents are sent to university. Do you have any idea on the process of how to get Madhurai university respond to WES email?

        Please guide it will be great help

  57. Hi Sriman,

    I’m planning to get transcript done for Canada immigration. I have below query. please clarify.

    In Field 7 in the application form, “Mark Statement(No. of Copies)” column is mentioned. Do we need to get transcript for mark statement as well? or only consolidated mark sheet and degree certificate is sufficient? I’m not sure if individual mark statement transcript is mandatory.

    Also, If I need 1 consolidated mark sheet and 1 degree certificate transcripted and to be couriered to my address, I have to get Challan for the below amount. Am I right?

    For candidates within India
    1. Xerox copy (360 each) = 360 ( I have a confusion here. 360 for 1 document? or for both?)
    2. search fee for consolidated and degree certificate (2005 completed) – 480 x 2 = 960
    3, Postal fee = 180

    Total – 1500

    Appreciate if you can respond quickly.


    1. Author

      Multiple transcripts are required for folks who are applying to many universities for higher education. In your case, you will just need one. This one transcript sealed envelope will contain your degree, provisional and mark statements’ information. I remember the official marked ‘1’ in all the field 7 columns for me. But the calculations were done in a totally different way by the official and arrived at a higher fee. So mention ‘1’ in the application and pay whatever fee suggested by the official. Good luck.

    2. Hello Karthik,

      We both are in same boat. Still I’m having confusion about what to fill in the blank transcript form. Can you please guide me.

      Share your contact details & will call you immediately. I’m also applying for canada pr visa for which WES is must.

  58. Hi Sriman

    I’m in New Zealand and i did Bsc (THM) in 2009. I wanted to apply 1 consolidated mark sheet transcript and 1 degree certificate transcript. So what is best method for me to apply ??

    1. Author

      If you don’t have any friends or family who could visit the university on your behalf, then better go for any third party service providers like iTranscripts, Clear Transcripts, etc.

  59. Hello,

    I’m in process to fill MKU Transcript Request Form but having problems to understand the fees structure.

    I’ve cleared BCA in May 2014 thru MKU DDE & want to apply for canadian pr. Prior to apply, I’d like to evaluate my academic credentials by WES (world education services) for which I need university endorsement which is MKU.

    So, will you please guide me how much fees I need to pay to mku over SBI Online?

    1. Author

      We can calculate the fee based on the details from the application form, but the official usually arrives at a figure that is higher than that. I would suggest you call them up, give your details and check the exact fee. Then, you can pay the same online.

    2. Does WES give equal status to BCA DDE from MKU?

  60. Hi Sriman,

    I had applied for transcripts couple of months back and still haven’t received it. I tried reaching out to the university over phone and emails but haven’t got any response so far. Now I’m planning to visit the university to track the status of the application and re-do the process if necessary.
    I wanted to know if you guide me on whom/ which department that I need to visit so that I can address my concerns.
    Please suggest/share your insights on how to deal with this issue and what all we should be prepared of this scenario.

    1. Author

      The transcripts are issued by the Controller of Examination’s office. Reach out directly to the COE by phone or email.

      Current COE’s contact details as on 2-Aug-2018:
      Dr.O.Ravi M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
      Phone: +91 452-2459122
      Fax: +91 452-2458788

      Have you already done that?

      1. Hi Sriman,

        I visited the university last week, As per the officials the amount I paid was insufficient and I had to pay the remaining amount. I’m not really sure on how they derived the amount even now. On the brighter side I paid the balance amount requested through net banking and got my transcripts delivered to me in 5 days.

        I would suggest everyone to visit the university and address your problems to the officials directly, Things would work faster this way. Make sure that you are visiting them on weekdays.

        If anyone who has already submitted the application via post then carry the copy of the application form and the fee receipts originally submitted (If you have the copies). This way the process of investigating the issues becomes easier. That’s how I got mine in 5 days.

        If anyone’s still planning to send the application via post, please remember to tale a copy of the application form and fee receipts

        Sriman thanks for your support and time !!


        1. Author

          Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Prashanth, it will benefit others for sure. Wishing you good luck.

  61. I am planning for Canada PR. I have to seal my transcripts. Is it better to visit the university and perform this action. I stay in Hyderabad, they also have an institute in Hyderabad .

    1. Need suggestion do I approach the institute or go the University?
    2. How long will this documentation ( Challan and procedure ) take if I visit MKU?

    Please reply

    1. Author

      1. The institute cannot sign/seal on behalf of the university, but they may know the right people and an easy way of getting things done. It’s your call to go through the institute or visit the university.
      2. It is one day’s work in the university. But the time taken to receive the transcripts may differ.

  62. i have submitted all docs and free last month, still not get any docs from university. what should i do

    1. Author

      Calling the COE’s office would be a good place to start.

      1. I tired lot of time, they didnot pick my call

        1. Author

          Please check out this part from the blog: ‘What if I do not receive the transcripts after the stipulated time?’

    2. Hello,

      After making a lot of efforts, finally, I’ve got my transcript in 45 days. I’ve completed my BCA as distance education & it was hard to get transcripts.

      You can contact Mr. Chitri Swamy on 97902-97245 & give your SBI Payment ID & your enrolment number for verification.

      He might respond you after some time, but you need to make continuous follow-ups with him to get transcripts.

      This number is also his WhatApp Number.

      Nishith N.Vyas

      1. Author

        Congratulations and thanks for sharing the details with us. I believe the person you have mentioned is an employee of the university.

      2. Did he expect anything in return for getting this work done ?

        1. No. He didn’t ask me anything extra like support money to get docs stamped.

      3. hey nishith ! had you visited m.ku for getting transcript?

  63. Do i need to take the original documents with me or an attested xerox would do?

    1. Author

      You need to take the original documents which will be verified and returned immediately.

  64. Hi Sriman

    I have done from MKU and got all the documents. Unfortunately, I lost the “Course completion certificate(CCC)”.

    1.Just want to know that, if I want to apply for transcripts for WES, do I need to send copies of all the documents like CCC, Provisional certificate, consolidated mark sheet and Degree.

    2.I live in Delhi.. Could you please advise the process to apply for transcripts and the documents or any cover letter which needs to be send to MKU . I am planning to apply for consolidated marks sheet and degree. I hope that is required by WES for Canada PR.

    3. As you mentioned that envelopes should be signed and sealed. How to make sure that they signed it too.


    1. Author

      1. Degree and consolidated mark sheet should be enough. In case you are yet to receive the degree certificate, the provisional certificate would do.
      2. The best possible way would be you visiting the university. If that is not possible, any of your friends or family can represent you. There are some folks who have applied and paid online, sent the supporting documents by courier but finally had to go to the university for one reason or the other. If going to the university personally is not viable for you, then explore third-party service providers.
      3. You will have to mention it personally to the COE official that the envelope needs to be both signed and sealed across the flap.

      1. Hi Sriman

        Many thanks for the candid reply.

        Could you please suggest the third party contact details and how far they are authentic.


        1. Author

          Try ClearTranscripts, iTranscripts, etc. There are quite some service providers these days.

      2. I wanted to know if Iam eligible for ECA process from WES for Canada PR profile. I have done my MCA 3 years course from Madurai Kamaraj University through distance education. If not WES, which agency will surely evaluate my ECA?

  65. Hi buddy,

    I want to know if MKU Distance education courses are accepted by WES and given equal status as non distance courses.

    Also, can you share which course you did and which mode? Regular or Distance?

    1. Author

      Regular and distance education are being treated equally by WES.

  66. Hi Srimaan

    I have talked to CoE in MKU. However, still have one query …. One envelope of transcript contains what all documents? Consolidated Mark Sheet and Degree both? If I apply for only one copy of transcript what would I get >> only Consolidated Marks sheet or both?
    Else, I have to apply for Degree separately or should I just mention in the application form that two copies
    1. Consolidated Mark sheet &
    2. Degree.

    Consolidated Mark sheet and Degree are considered as one copy or two copies.


    1. Author

      Yes, select both the mark statement and degree certificate in the application form. I believe you will be charged for both.

  67. Hi Sriman,

    For Canada PR I have already sent the transcript from MKU for BBA to WES and currently they have put the status on hold for more then a month.

    Status: On hold
    We are waiting for your institution(s) to verify your documents.

    How can I check the status of verification from MKU ?


    1. Author

      Looks like many are facing this issue these days. Please check the comments section, a thread started by Shan. That should help you.

    2. Dear Kapil Naik,

      Even my status is been put on hold from WES. Kindly help/ suggest the way to get out of this please.

    1. Author

      Photocopies are enough. Originals are returned immediately after verification.

  68. Hello Sriman, Thanks for all the info.

    I have completed my BCA in 2015 from Madurai Distance Education and have all the certificates like marks card, provisional and course completed.

    I have to apply for special convocation to get my convocation certificate.

    Should i apply online for the certificate or go to the university and collect it.

    Wanted to know if we get the certificate by post ? has any one received it. what is the normal time taken to get the certificate.

    Please suggest the better option. i am not in a hurry to get the certificate as i can wait 1 or 2 months.

    1. Author

      Hi Jack,
      I would definitely recommend you to visit the university. Meet the right official and sort it out then and there. They will be able to give you a timeline to get the certificates. Good luck.

  69. Hi Sriman

    Any update on the change in the process of sending the transcripts to WES w.e.f 1st Dec’18.


    1. Author

      Yes. As per the new process, the universities have to send the transcripts directly to WES with the reference number on the envelope. This is in addition to most of the existing rules.

      1. Hi Sriman

        Could you please suggest what amount we have to pay to MKU to send the transcripts directly to WES.
        I have written the emails and called several times, could not get the exact fees.

        Or, if I visit there how much time they will take to get it done.. I live in Delhi.

        Looking forward for your reply


        1. Author

          Hi Tanu,
          With the recent change of policy, the universities have to mail the transcripts directly to WES. As per the below link, MKU charges $24 for postage.

          Please consider the following options in the order mentioned.

          1. Visit the university COE’s office in person and get things done
          2. Send someone(friend/family) on your behalf to the university
          3. Try working out with external service providers like iTranscripts, etc if the above two options are not possible

  70. Hi Sriman,

    If I’m not wrong MKU does send to WES Canada right. Also, the transcript application forms have an option for WES letter, any idea what are the contents of the letter? link . I am going to write exams soon, so have to wait for the results and then apply to send the transcripts.

    Thanks for this blog.

    1. Author

      Yes, there is an option for the universities to send the transcripts directly to Canada. The WES letter mentioned here is ‘Non-issuance of transcripts for semester-wise mark sheets’. The university will give a letter to WES that the mark sheets are consolidated and not semester-wise.

      1. Can I apply for a transcript certificate for wes as I completed my Frist year mcom and pursuing 2nd year. please help me

        1. Author

          You will need the degree or provisional certificate to apply for the transcript. So it cannot be applied while you are still pursuing it.

  71. Hi,

    I have obtained MBA MKU marksheets from the university and sent the same to wes for verification. However its more than one and half months that they have received a confirmation from these people.

    Both Bangalore University and MKU certificates and markssheets were submitted at the same time and BU has provuded verification a month back.

    This is highly unprofessional on the side of MKU as there is so much delay in my entire process and holdup just because of this.

    Is there anyway that i could speed up the process? Or atleast get these people to repond?

    Any reponse in this regard is much appreciated

    1. Author

      You can try to file an online grievance. If still no response, try to reach out to the COE by phone or email. Last option would be to personally visit the COE’s office. The details are provided in the above post. Good luck.

  72. Hi Sriman, Please assist with my query :

    My Transcript application sent through courier had reached the Madurai Kamaraj University on 7-Nov-2018 but till today(7-Jan-2019) I have not got my transcripts. I called the numbers mentioned in this blog, filed grievance, sent e-mail to and there is no response so far. Any alternate contact to reach and check the status ?


    1. Author

      Please check if the contact information commented by Nishith Vyas helps.

  73. Hello

    I am living and working here in Tanzania for the past 8 years. Now I am considering Canada PR through Express entry. I wanted to get my transcript from MKU to be sent to WES Canada and one copy to be sent to me. I successfully completed my Bsc. HMCS in 2006.

    1. Can I do this entire process online (application and fee payment)?
    2. Do I have to visit in person or send someone on behalf at some point during the process?
    3. Do I have to send them any of my documents such as original mark list etc. ( I am afraid I don’t have all years mark sheet but Consolidated sheet, Degree certificate. ) will this be an issue?
    4. I can’t access their website (it says server can’t be found) and phone number is having issues.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sorry for so many queries!

    1. Author

      1. Yes, but not recommended as a lot of people did not have a smooth experience. You can try it if you have a lot of time.
      2. Not really, but recommended.
      3. Yes, originals are required for verification. Degree and consolidated mark statements would do.
      4. Try to reach the university official’s number from the recent comments.

      1. Thank you Sriman for your kind replies.

        I think I should send someone in person to get this done smoothly.
        I have original certificates with me in Tanzania. SO if a person is visiting MKU, is it ok to go with scanned/photo copies?

        I am not sure if it is only me so far I could not get hold of a right person on the other end to make all these queries. Furthermore their website is not clear enough to calculate exact fees and USd is applicable to me as well?

        Thank you for your help and comments on these!

        1. Author

          The person visiting MKU must have the originals which will be returned immediately after verification. Yes, the instructions are not clear enough to calculate the exact fees.

  74. Is MKU charging around 103 USD for transcripts for Indian residents as well? Can someone confirm on this ?

    1. My case also same, I paid around more than 5000 and University told me they will send directly to WES.

      1. Thank you Sriman and everyone that has shared their experience here. This is probably the only place that gave a fair amount of details on the process between WES and MKU.

        I am trying to get this all done online/ remotely as most of you.

        I googled and landed on this form. Is this what you have used?

        This form is not collecting WES Reference number and seems to be collecting candidates(students) address. Can you please confirm if the sent your transcripts to WES directly as they promised (did it have the seal and sign on the back)? Did you just write the WES number on the form some place?

        The fee details appears to be inline. I am going to try SBI Collect for the payment as per their website.

        1. Can anyone please let me know how to call someone at MKU regarding this to check the status? No one seems to pick up the phone.

  75. Hi Sriman,

    I have completed part time MBA from MKU in 2018. Is this accepted by WES ?

    Shivam Modi

  76. Thanks for the wonderful blog for MKU transcripts.
    Bharathiar university everything is online. Paid 3K for everything. Single click done. Waiting from their side to process.

    Also i want to do transcripts for my wife.

    I live in chennai and i want to send my transcripts to WES. I called 299 extension and inquired.

    He asked for 2 photo copies or xerox of CSM, degree certificate photo copy or xerox, WES form(reference number mentioned) and Transcript application. All of them should be sent via post also the amount should be paid in dollars(it came around $91). After telling him that i live in india, he insists payment in dollars. He also told that they will send to WES.

    Not sure what to do now? Do we need to pay in dollars? Please clarify if anybody has idea.

    1. hi bro they told me to pay 6460 for degree and consolidated memo

  77. I got Madurai Kamaraj transcripts via ‘mail transcripts’ third party vendor four months back and it was sent to WES. WES now said that transcripts is not legible. When I contacted WES to get more information, they said that the printer was low quality and some letters were not able to read.

    Anyone faced this scenario?

  78. Dear Sriman,

    I would like to know in detail about the new service KMU started sending the transcript directly to WES/IQAS.

    1) Should I have to mention in a different letter along with the form and my documents?
    2) How much the fee? or is the same Rs 180.00 .
    3) I am going with IQAS canada.

    I would like to know the detail procedure .

    I would really appreciate if you could reply ASAP.


    1. Author

      Only WES has recently changed the rules and not IQAS. If you are going with IQAS, you can collect the transcripts yourself from the university and mail it across. Good luck.

      1. Dear Sriman,Thanks for your quick reply.Sorry to say that IQAS also change the rules.One set of documents has to send by the candidate and the other set has to send by the University.Its there in the website.
        1) I would just like to know the procedure(write a extra letter) and if any extra cost by the MKU to send the transcript to IQAS/WES.I was trying reach MKU but no one answer.

        Kindly help me out ASAP plz..


        1. Author

          In that case, for IQAS you need two transcripts and two international shipments. Looks like it would cost you more. From the earlier comments, user ‘AR’ has spent around INR 5000 for the transcripts that was sent by the university to WES. The transcripts being sent to IQAS should cost you more for the shipping. I am not sure if there is a different process in applying for the two transcripts in your case. You can also try to reach out to the university personnel mentioned by ‘Nishith’.

  79. Hi,

    Can anyone guide me how to remit the transcript fee in USD $ to MKU to send the transcripts directly to WES ?

    Appreciate your response !

  80. hi, Sriman ur blog is really helpful for me. since I searching for my application. Sir, I need to know is the same process to follow for Directorate Distance educations.

    1. Author

      I believe the process might be different for DDE. Good luck.

  81. Please assist with answering my questions:

    After several follow ups for almost 5 months I got my transcripts delivered today from MKU.

    My Questions:

    1. I heard WES has changed the process and Transcripts are accepted when directly sent to WES from the university ?

    2. Do MKU facilitate this new process ?

    3. Now that I have got my transcripts, is it worth to take the risk and courier it to WES directly from my side ?


    1. Author

      1. Yes, that’s correct
      2. Yes
      3. You can speak to the official whose contact number is available in the comments. Work it out with him and make the university send the transcripts to WES.

  82. Please guide me with the link in the MKUDDE website where I can pay online and send the application?

    Since Iam based in Hyderabad, Can you please let me know how should I send the copies of marksheet and certificates? Do I have to scan the same and send online?

    1. Author

      The payment can be done through the ‘SBI Collect’ portal.

      You need to confirm with the university’s official on the total fees applicable and the accepted ways of sending the documents. Folks have couriered the photo copies of their documents to the university before, but they had a hard time getting the transcripts. Please check the previous comments.

    2. hi Hitesh,
      I am also from Hyderabad. u need to pay and send all to the Address Mr. O. Ravi Controller of Examination which is mentioned on the application. and no difference in DDE or direct. both are same and if u belongs to DDE mention the Center code and give details I applied last month and I got wes deficit fee now they asked m,e pay more 6460 for wes to us. and theyasked me to mail clear copies so please send neat and clear copies to them. degree and consolidated is enough. bro if any info please call me +919949458719

  83. Dear Sriman,
    Thanks, your blog has been useful.
    I did MA Economics through distance education from MKU in 2006. I have the consolidated statement of marks and provisional certificate but do not the degree certificate( never collected it)
    Now i want transcript for the Canada immigration purpose. Do i need to the get degree certificate before I can apply for transcript or the consolidated statement of marks and provisional certificate enough for getting the transcript?

    In case degree certificate is necessary, how do I collect it? can the university post it or the personal visit is necessary? And how long will it take?
    I stay in Delhi

    Please assist

    1. Author

      Not just for the sake of transcripts, but I would advise you to collect the degree certificate. Your have to personally visit the university or send someone on your behalf. It depends on several factors to determine how long the process takes.

      1. Hi Sriman
        you told that getting the degree certificate depends on several factors to determine how long the process takes.
        Could you please elaborate and is there any way the university send it by post and i don’t have to personally visit the university. I live in Delhi and I dont’ have anyone down south to visit it for me,
        Manish Sangwan

        1. Author

          It depends on the degree, department, year of completion, etc., You have to constantly follow up with the university officials to get your work done. I took me 35 days to get my transcripts, and in worst case several months for others.

    2. i got degree certificate after 110 days.then you have to apply for transcript.

  84. Hi Sriman,
    I am Hardik from Ahmedabad, Gujarat State. First of all, thank you for your informative blog.
    My question is: my wife has completed PG Diploma in NGO Management from Madurai kamraj University, Baroda Gujarat Center.
    For Canada Immigration purpose, I need to send mark sheet & degree certificate with sign/seal of CoE, in a sealed envelope, this envelope should be sent by University to WES.


    your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Author

      Hi Hardik,
      In case you are not comfortable with the third party service providers for transcripts, try to locate the nearest study center for MKU in Ahmedabad. They might be able to assist you. Good luck.

      1. Thank you so much, Sriman for your prompt & valuable response.

        I searched on the website but it is not showing charges charged by MK University for dispatch of my sealed cover from MK University to WES Canada. Please suggest what I can do? I called on the university number provided in this blog, but they are not responding.

        Request to all member of this blog, please share details if anyone aware of these charges.



  85. Hello,
    MKU sent my MBA & BE transcripts to WES recently. WES sent me an email saying they are looking for additional information reg my MBA & they emailed & sent a mail to MKU reg this clarification. I need not do anything but wait…
    Just curious if WES sent their query to the right place as MBA related queries has to be sent to DDE. Praying that MKU guys respond to WES query on time & they (MKU & DDE) communicate between them & resolve this asap.
    Has anyone in this group faced similar issue?
    What has been the result..

  86. Hi Sriman, Thanks a lot for all the information. With great difficulty, I got my official transcripts from MKU after 4 months and it was sent to WES by me. No, it is kept on hold, waiting for University to respond to WES. I have tried all the phobe numbers mentioned on the website and on this page, but haven’t got thru to anyone. I have also sent many emails, but no response yet. as I am based in Dubai, it is difficult for me to send anybody for this purpose. If anyone has faced this situation, please let me know . Thanks

    1. Dear Niki,

      Is your issue resolved of ON Hold. WES has also put my reference on hold. I am also based in dubai. Kindly assist if your matter was resolved.

    2. Hi Niki,

      I am in the same trouble. WES has sent my documents to university and no idea with whom they are now and what will they take to respond back. Any help in this regards from anyone in the group who has gone through similar situation will help… Entire application is on hold.

      Please suggest experts!


  87. Hi Sriman,

    I have so many confusion regarding the total fees to be paid for my transcript.

    I have completed PG Diploma in NGO Management in 2009.

    I have to send a certified copy of

    1 Marksheet
    1-degree certificate
    Academic record request form by WES
    Courier charges to be paid to University.

    Can I pay online?

    To whom I have to send these documents?

    I tried a lot to contact university phone number (extension 299), no one is responding, they kept the phone aside.

    I request all members please help to solve my query/questions, I need to send these documents to WES, it is already delayed.

    Thanks to all…


    1. Yes, you can pay online .They have provided the link for SBI online payment. They have also asked details of online payment on the transcript application form.

      These documents have to be sent at the address mentioned in the transcript application form.It is at the bottom row in the form.

      Hope this helps.

  88. Sir,
    1. If I apply for transcripts to be send to WES , through mail (i.e.without visiting the university ), do I need to send Academic Records Request Form to the University along with photocopies of Degree and consolidated marksheet.

    2. How do I know that the University has mailed my transcripts to WES.

    Thanks .

  89. you must apply for the degree certificate.for degree certificate you have course completion certificate.

  90. Hello ,
    The university have couriered the transcripts on 20th May 2019, but so far the WES site shows that ‘we are waiting for your documents’.
    How long does the courier take to reach WES ?
    Does anyone faced any delay in transcripts reaching WES from University?

    1. Author

      It should not take that long. Have they shared the AWB number for you to track?

      1. Hello
        They have received it on 27th Jun 2019.

  91. I am from Delhi, did my graduation from MKU. I am not able to contact them over the call for transcript fee and process. Without traveling to university from Delhi can I complete this process.

  92. Is there an effective channel of Escalating / Complaining about the way the Transcripts Provisioning is handled by this University staff ?

    The Staff handling this are highly ineffective. List of trouble and observations I have with them:
    1. When I personally visited they have a old lady staff who is expecting something(bribe) from you for doing her duty correctly.
    2. They do not respond to the calls if we call back.
    3. No clarity about the Transcripts status and when it will be sent to WES by University.
    4. They charge you big money in $’s for processing your transcripts but they send your transcripts to WES through Registered post from Post Office.(Costing just : Rs. 157 )
    5. This is the only university I know who is charging such a huge amount for providing transcripts.
    So much of injustice but no help. This is just a place for me to went out my frustration.

    1. Author

      Agreed, unfortunately that is how the system functions. I believe it is the same old lady who handled my case as well. She was extremely lethargic, but never demanded a bribe from me. If that is the case, you can even report it to vigilance.

      Madurai DSP, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption
      No.165/G, Alagar Koil Main road, Madurai – 625 002.

      1. sir, i have called several time almost 3 times a day but a lady never gives me proper answer.sometimes she spoke only in tamil so i managed tamil person in ahmedabad to get perfect answer but she always tell call me on tomorrow morning then once again next day she collect all information regarding application and tell that she called after one hour and make fool all time. since last 4 days i called almost 210 times but no response!

      2. Dear Sriman,

        Please suggest a way forward, I am calling to the university since last two months, but they are not responding. All the time that old lady picking up the call, she has a standard answer “Call tomorrow morning on 07:00 AM, Call on 11:00 AM, Call on 16:00 Hours”

        Besides, she always responds in her local language, which I do not understand.

        My entire process of WES ECA is pending just due to the transcript from MKU.

        I don’t understand what can I do now…

        Thanks & regards,

        1. After so many months I got the transcript from MKU but after evaluation most of degree from MKU are put on hold by WES and it’s been 2 months I have been chasing MKU to reply to WES email to confirm my transcript. But no luck at all. I can’t personally visit as I work abroad. Please someone help.

          My email id

    2. anu have you solved your problem?

      1. Same problem here, for the last two months, I regularly doing call bit till date no response…every time she collect information, call on 16:00 Hours, call on monday, she never reply in Hindi or english, only their local language, I dont understand it…feeling frustrated, even after paying $130, not getting reply. My entire process is stuck due to this. I am planning for RTI now with the help of advocate.

        1. hardik, i am from aloso ahmedabad please send your number .

  93. Is there anyone who was part of an Autonomous college but, degree issued by MKU ?

    For autonomous college Marksheet is issued by the college and Degree certificate by MKU.

    WES says that the transcripts are required only for the Marksheet and Degree certificate can be sent by us directly to WES.

    Has anyone done this ? If this is the case, I am thinking of only applying in college and not in MKU. Can someone please suggest.

  94. Dear Sriman, Is there any way to sort the issue without personally going to MKU. As i work aborad and i dont have any known person in Tamilnadu. I tried calling MKU more than 150 times to be precise but no one help or respond. I don’t know how to sort this out.

    1. Author

      You can try reaching out to the COE’s office. The contact information is available in the post.

    2. contact some tamil speaker in abroad may be their request work!

      1. Author

        You can also have a conference call with someone who speaks Tamil.

  95. i think everybody should take help of tamil speaker in their town from tamil community. i did it. after lots of effort positive replied i got it .they promised me to send in one week because i applied for iqas. WES appliciant you must be go to university.i think they may send your transcript by register post and take charge for speed post or blue dart so they will not proper answer.

  96. Thank you Sriman and everyone that has shared their experience here. This is probably the only place that gave a fair amount of details on the process between WES and MKU.

    I am trying to get this all done online/ remotely as most of you.

    I googled and landed on this form. Is this what you have used?

    This form is not collecting WES Reference number and seems to be collecting candidates(students) address. Can you please confirm if the sent your transcripts to WES directly as they promised (did it have the seal and sign on the back)? Did you just write the WES number on the form some place?

    The fee details appears to be inline. I am going to try SBI Collect for the payment as per their website.

    Also, what number did you all call to talk to the university office? (the number to reach the old lady many of you have mentioned), because no one is picking up my calls. Either the numbers are always busy, they are not working or no one picks up the phone when I called !

    1. Can you please share your expereince once you pay teh MKU Fee. What we have to do after that for WES. They send directly we have to ask them everything please. Thanks.

  97. Hi Sir,

    I have completed my MCA in year 2001 to 2004 from Madurai Kamaraj University.

    Please need your help to get my transcripts.
    1. How to apply online are there any steps which guide us ?
    2. How long university will take to send the transcripts to WES ?
    3. I have year wise Marksheet, Consolidated Marksheet, Convocation and Provisional Cert are these documents sufficient for ECA ?

    Please do the needful ASAP


    1. Author

      Hi Suresh,
      1. There is no end-to-end process to apply transcripts online, you can only pay the fees online.
      2. It depends, I was lucky to get it in 35 days. For some, it took even months.
      3. Yes, these documents are sufficient.

      Good luck.


      1. Sir i am from punjab I want to get transcripts ftom mku for master in science which is completed in 2008-2010 by distance education plz help me how can i get transcripts
        I want to go there or not
        Plzcalculate my fee
        I have 2 marks sheets
        1 degree and 1 course completion certificate

        1. Author

          Hi Amardeep,
          I assume you might not have the time and liberty to visit the university all the way from Punjab. If you have some friends/family in Madurai, you can ask them to visit the university on your behalf along with the documents and photocopies. The university official will calculate the applicable fees. You can pay the fees online and follow up with whoever has represented you. If you don’t have someone here, please go ahead with some third-party service providers to get the transcripts.


  98. Can someone please confirm that for 1 copy of the degree certificate and consolidated mark sheet to WES the total fee to be paid online is $30 (1 copy) + $15 (search fee) + $30 (postage fee) + $10 (WES letter) = $85

  99. Folks… I recently learnt that Anna University is issuing transcripts for candidates that passed out since 2001. So I think those recent pass-outs are in luck because that process seems to be available online and looks a lot more mature than dealing with MKU directly.
    Check here :

    I am still not sure what the process is for candidates like me, that passed out in 2000 or earlier than that. I still don’t have any luck in even establishing contact with MKU officials. No one responds to emails. No one answers the phone lines. Its hard to work it out remotely in this fashion. Its almost 4-5 months in my case, just waiting to hear if they have even received all the required paperwork and sufficient online payment. Earlier on someones comment, there was a mention of an old lady that addressed the phone call. If someone can please share what number you contacted her it will be of great help.

    1. BTW.. I forgot to mention.. even though I figured this Anna University side of the story, I don’t know if WES understands the structural changes that has happened with MKU and why AU is providing the transcripts. So you may have to establish that WES side story and make sure you are doing the process correctly.

  100. Hello sir,please tell me how much is the fees for the transcript if search fees for me is in the range of Rs.500/-and my consultant says that the transcript need to be sent by university directly to WES ,only then it will be accepted…what should i do…m not sure whether university will sent it to WES directly on the same cost as mentioned on the form

    1. Author

      Thank you very much. I have updated the same.

  101. Thank you so mush for these details. I am in Toronto if you around let us catch up for coffee when you get time.

    I just need one last detail. I am sending everything by post to MKU, after which wait and followup will begin. When finally I get the envelope at home, can I open it? I hope nothing more is needed and I can directly upload them to immigration sites?

    1. Author

      Please make sure before sending “everything” by post. The university will be sending the sealed transcripts to WES directly. You will be receiving your envelope from WES which is absolutely safe to open.

  102. My MKU consolidated marksheet for distance commerce bachelor will it considered as 1 year or 3 year program at University in Canada PR?

  103. @Sriman and others. I followed all steps of sending the form to MKU and its fee. Now for WES do I have to separately signup and pay their fee?

    OR how does it work for WES process?

  104. Dear Sriman,

    I am from Ahmedabad and I have completed my M.Sc from MKU, Ahmedabad center. I have visted Ahmedabad center and the person who is handling is not aware about the process of Transcript. I would like to request you to please clarify my below doubts.

    1. How much do I need to pay for single transcript?
    2. How much do I need to pay for the courier charges/Postal charges? (From MKU to WES,Canada)
    3. Kindly provide me the link where and How do I need to do payment for the same.

    Looking for a prompt and positive response.

    1. Author

      As I have suggested in some of my earlier comments, the entire process is not completely online. If you cannot visit the university in person or do not have friends/family who can represent you, better to go for a third-party service provider for getting the transcripts. Good luck.

    2. Its 8000 something see the form of transcript. Give wes reference number and fill the form

  105. I need direct contact details of mku transcript department or any email I’d where they respond. My docs are already with MKU But not reached star Canada.

  106. I am applying for the WES but than stuck in the how much COST and payment section please help

  107. Sir please guide me how we get my geniusness certificate from university. I did through distance in 2011-2013. Please tell me the process.

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