Transcripts from Anna University

Update: 30-JAN-2019

The new procedure for obtaining the transcripts from Anna University is available here. The COE’s office is still working on the shipping part.

What certificates/documents do you require?

  1. Application Form
    • You CANNOT download the application form online. You can only get it from the office of Controller of Examination(COE) – Anna University. Before the official gives you the application form, he/she makes sure you have the following required documents.
  2. Photocopy of Degree Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Consolidated Mark Sheet
  4. Photocopy of XII/X Grade Mark Sheet for proof of Date Of Birth
  5. Photocopy of Address Proof (Passport/Driving Licence/etc.,)
  6. Demand Draft(DD)
    • DD should be drawn in favor of the ‘Controller of Examination, Anna University, Chennai – 25’ payable at Chennai. After filling the application form, write your full name, register number and application number behind.
  7. Passport size photograph
    • After filling the application form, write your full name, register number and application number behind.
  8. Foolscap(Locally called Fullscape) Envelope

How do I contact?

  • The contact numbers are +914422357247 and +914422357248. Call them upfront to check if your transcripts are ready to be collected referring your application number.

How long does it take?

  • The outdated official website says if you provide the original certificates, it would take 1 week and 1 month for photocopies. I was asked to give only the photocopies and the COE official said the transcripts would be ready in 10 working days. True to his word, the transcripts were ready in exactly 10 working days.

How much does it cost?

  • Transcripts: INR 500

What else?

  • Please note that you are NOT REQUIRED to hand over any original certificates/documents. Earlier they were collecting the originals, but now all they ask for are the photocopies.
  • Don’t forget to note down your application number. This will be required for your future correspondence with the university officials.
  • The transcripts are received in an open envelope. Verify if the transcripts are correct, take a photocopy if required and then seal it back in the original envelope which already has the official seal and sign.
  • I am getting my transcripts for the World Education Services(WES) – Educational Credentials Assessment(ECA). I am getting ONLY the transcripts. I am NOT going through the university’s WES Procedure or getting a Non-Issuance of Semester Wise Mark Sheet. I have not downloaded the WES Academic Records Request Form either.
  • I have successfully completed my ECA from WES as on 18th April 2016.


Thanks for reading. Hope this helps and wish you get your transcripts soon.


  1. Hi, got all valuable information from you. But please let me know whether transcription for WES ( Canadian Visa) is required for all the degrees such as BA, MA, M.Phil etc. or only for the highest qualification.

  2. I have my degree certificate but I do not have my provisional certificate so is that required inorder to get my transcripts for Wes Canada

    1. The degree certificate is enough, no need for provisional certificate.

  3. Hi Narayan,

    Thanks for all the vital information. Regarding the WES Academic Records request form and Non issuance letters, are you sure it is the same case for all applicants…..Or had you communicated with WES regarding this….
    Also….May i know if you are also applying for the Canadian Express Entry Program?

    1. Yes, I did apply for the Express Entry program. I believe the other forms/letters you have mentioned are required for pursuing higher education in US/Canada and not for immigration.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply, I would also be very grateful if you could take me through your experience and the steps you followed after you completed the ECA from WES and what other documents were need when you applied for the Express Entry.

  4. Hi,
    It’s a very informative post than you for that. I want to pursue my masters in us and i have my master’s from Anna university. Should i go through university’s WES Procedure or get a Non-Issuance of Semester Wise Mark Sheet to send it to Wes?? Or can I send just the transcripts to Wes?

    1. It depends on the university in US/Canada that you are applying. Better to get the Non-Issuance of Semester Wise Mark Sheet too. The application form for that is provided by Anna University COE’s office itself.

  5. Hi Narayan,
    That was quite a piece of valuable information. Thanks a lot.
    I have a question, please reply when you find time.
    Currenly I have my transcript ready which I had applied (through iTranscripts) and recieved 6 months back.
    My Question is :
    1) Is it valid to send this trascript to WES ? Do we get a transcript specifing that it is for immigration to Cananda?
    2) How did you send the transcript to WES ? Is it through university or you sent it directly?

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Yes, it is valid to send this transcript. It is better to send the transcripts ourselves so that we can track it better.

    2. Hi ,I received my transcripts through I transcripts,did u open the cover and check what u received or did u directly couriered it to Wes

      1. Author

        The transcripts that are sealed and signed should never be opened and sent as it is to WES.

    1. Yes, but this is from a third party service provider.

  6. Hi Narayan,

    Thanks for your valuable information. I am trying for canadian immigration through one private agency. They asked us to get the individual semester marksheet attestation from anna university chennai and will send to WES. Will anna university provide attestation for individual semester wise marksheet attestation…??

    1. In my opinion, there is absolutely no need to go through a private agency for immigration. You can get it done yourself. As far as I know, WES requires only transcripts. Sending attested mark sheets will not be required. Please double check with your agency.

  7. Hi, Can i go with the provisional certificate as highest certificate as i don’t have degree ? Also can you help me what is register number & application number(its the form number i believe) ?

    1. If you don’t have your degree certificate yet, then you go with your provisional certificate. The register number is a unique number given by the university when you enroll for a course. The application number is the form number mentioned on the transcripts application form.

  8. Hi,
    I have registered in WES and got reference number.I did my UG and PG in (Regular) in Chennai colleges affiliated under Anna University,Chennai.
    I have below queries

    –In my college certificates, my last name has only initial present.
    For example, Sathish jain is written as Sathish J in all my college certificates. (that is the pattern in our colleges)
    But my passport, Express Entry application and WES Submitted application has my full name (as Sathish Jain).
    Will this creates conflicts in getting my transcripts??/WES??

    –Is it necessary to have both TC from UG and PG for getting transcripts?
    (I have only TC from my PG since my UG TC has to be submitted during my joining of PG)

    –Heard the below are mandatory before going to Anna university for getting transcripts

    Applying for obtaining transcripts:
    1.Application form from university
    2.Take 500 Rs DD per set for applying transcripts in favor of “controller of examinations” payable at chennai.
    3.You need to submit degree and consolidated marksheet original/photocopy
    4.ID proof (passport or license)-1 copy
    5.Date of birth proof 10th or plus two-1 copy
    6.passport size photo -1 copy
    7.Fullscape envelop-1

    World Education Service Procedure
    1.Take 200 Rs DD per set in favor of “controller of examinations” payable at chennai.
    2.WES Academic request form you can download from wes website-3 copies
    3.College Transfer certificate-1 copy
    4.Degree – 1 copy
    5.Consolidated marksheet- 1 copy
    6.Request letter -1

    Notification for non issuence of semesterwise marksheet procedure

    1.Take 200 Rs DD per set in favor of “controller of examinations” payable at chennai.
    2.Degree – 1 copy
    3.Consolidated marksheet- 1 copy
    4.Request letter -1

    Does these documents are needed?? if there is any changes kindly let me know.

    Thanks in Advance…

    1. No need for TC. The list of documents is perfect. That is all you need.

    2. Hello , did your issue solved .I have also same issue of name.
      Have you got your transcript?
      If yes.could you help with the process.


    3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Hello , did your issue solved .I have also same issue of name.
      Have you got your transcript?
      If yes.could you help with the process.


  9. What is the procedure for WES for US universities. Is this post only for Canada? I got my transcripts from Anna University. Please help me with this.

      1. Hi sriman
        The photocopy of all the document for anna univeristy need to be taken in color or black and white…

        1. Author

          I provided the photocopies in black & white. I believe the same will work out for you.

  10. what is wes academic reqst form and y v need it

    1. Author

      This form is provided to facilitate the release of your academic records by your academic institution. You are authorizing the university to give your details to WES.

      1. Hi Sriman –
        I have done my B.E ECE and MBA should I take two separate DD for 500/-?

  11. I submitted my documents through iTranscripts on Jan 30.I asked to send the transcripts to my address in US.I have to send it to WES USA.I have 2 questions
    1.Will I get the transcripts in a sealed /signed cover.WES requires it to be signed at the back flap of the envelope
    2.When can I expect to receive it?The itranscripts site sill shows as Processing

    Will appreciate answers from anyone with knowledge/experience in this subject

    1. Author

      1. iTranscripts must take care of the sign/seal part, I hope they will.
      2. I have no idea about this, you can try reaching out to their customer support.

      1. Hi Sriman –
        Below are the clarifications I have. Kindly reply as early you can as I am travelling to University in couple of days,

        1. You mean to say I don’t even need to carry originals, or carry them for verification and just need to handover the photocopies?
        2. The official said it would take 20 working days after applying to get the transcripts. When I go back to collect will I get a chance to verify them or will it be a sealed envelope?
        3. Will I be receiving the transcripts for B.E and MBA in two separate foolscap envelope?

        Prashanth P

        1. Author

          1. Can keep your originals with you just to be safe. But there is no need to hand them over to the university officials. Just handover the photocopies.
          2. It took 10 days for me. We cannot verify the transcripts since it will be in a sealed envelope. Verify for the sign and seal across the flap.
          3. Depends, a friend of mine was particularly asked to provide two foolscap envelopes for two degrees.

  12. Hi Sriman –

    Thanks a lot for the information! I will keep you posted once I receive the transcripts.

    1. Hi Does anybody have any clue how to contact these officials to know the status of transcript application? I have been trying to reach them but nobody is attending the call. Please help

      1. Author

        They can be reached on any of the following numbers: +914422357247 & +914422357248.

  13. Hi Sriman –
    Got my transcripts from the university yesterday!

    Thanks a ton for your guidance!

    1. Author

      a size of paper, about 330 × 200 (or 400) mm.

  14. Hi. I’m applying for express entry to Canada along with spouse. I’m the primary applicant. I have done my B.E in AU affiliated college and M.E in CEG,AU. Husband has done in AU affiliated coll in vellore. My question is
    1. Should i get transcripts for both of us or just myself as I’m the primary applicant?
    2. Since I have two degrees, should i get two transcripts and DD’s for each degree?
    3. Do i need other transcripts like sem wise /statement of marks or academic record request form?
    Awaiting your response. Thank you.

    1. Author

      1. Both
      2. Yes, get it for each degree
      3. Not required

      1. Hi. I read about Rs.200 DD for WES and two request letters to COE. Is that necessary? And what’s the registration number ? I understand transcripts app form number. What’s this Reg no?

        1. Author

          If you are looking for immigration purpose, those letters are not required. Some universities ask this for higher education. The registration number is the one that appears on your mark sheet, every student pursuing a program has a unique registration number.

    2. Hi Sudha, me and wife also similar case like yours. After getting the Transcripts how you have send the Transcripts to WES.

      As of now from December 2018, University has to send the Transcripts directly to WES. So do you have any update on this?

  15. Hi Sriman,

    “I am NOT going through the university’s WES Procedure or getting a Non-Issuance of Semester Wise Mark Sheet. I have not downloaded the WES Academic Records Request Form either.”

    Can you please provide more details on the above statement, I got the transcripts via iTranscripts already, was planning to submit documents to WES but then saw some confusing blogs and statements which say the above docs are needed . Please suggest

    1. Author

      If you fill in the form for ‘Non-Issuance of Semester Wise Mark Sheet’, the university will give you a document saying that semester wise mark statements are not being sent. Some of the universities, especially in the US expect this. If you are applying WES ECA for immigration, I don’t think you need that. If you still want to be on the safer side, please go ahead and fill in all the forms you get from Anna University.

      1. Hi Sriman , recently WES has changed their policy and says they don’t accept transcripts directly from applicants but only thru university. In my case I have just received transcripts and I’m yet to send while they announced as such. Do you know what can be done.. should I re apply again and ask them to send directly?

  16. Hi,
    I have got a reference number, applying through itranscripts.

    If i ask the university to send it directly to WES, do they only send the transcripts (sealed) enclosed in the envelope ?

    what are the other documents i have to send to WES, if courier being directly sent by itransctipts
    (i see only the degree certificate is required, per WES)

    which way of sending it will be the beneficiary cost and safety of the courier ? by ourself or Itranscripts

    1. Author

      I believe iTranscripts will take care of the required documents that need to be sent to WES. Yes, the degree alone is required. Sending yourself will be safer and cost-effective.

  17. In my college certificates, my last name has only initial present.
    For example, Vishnu Rajendran is written as Vishnu R in all my college certificates. (that is the pattern in our colleges)
    But my passport, Express Entry application and WES Submitted application has my full name (as Vishnu R).
    Will this creates conflicts in getting my transcripts??/WES??

    1. Author

      Even I had the same. My college certificate had my initials and my passport had a surname. No issues, I still got my ECA from WES.

  18. Hello Sir, could you please tell me the procedure of getting transcript from Anna University chennai for WES immigration to canada.

    1. Author

      Nothing additional required, the steps in the above post will suffice. Good luck.

      1. Hi do we have to take the original ID for ex: I’m taking Aadhar card for address proof but right now I don’t have my original Aadhar but just laminated one. Pls reply asap as I’m going to AU tomo. Thank you

      2. Should we open an account in WES before going to the university?

        1. Author

          Not really required, you can open after getting your transcripts too.

          1. Thank you. Applied it. It was easier as I was from CEG. They didn’t ask for ID proof or photo. Only for my husband I gave all that. Your blog was really helpful 🙂

  19. Sir

    Can u plz tell me if the photocopy of both sides of our certificates is needed for submitting at the office or is the front page alone enough?

      1. What do u mean by ADDRESS PROOF? Is it passport and licence alone as mentioned or will adhar be accepted?
        Actually i tried calling the university a number of times but they are not attending the call. DO u know if the university is working on 12th AUG 2018?

        1. Author

          Aadhar, passport, driving license; All of them should be accepted for proof of address. I am not sure if the university will be working on a Sunday(12th August).

  20. I also have one more doubt…How many copies of transcripts will be needed for canada express entry? is it 3? if so shud i take the DD before hand or after reaching the university?

    1. Author

      If it is for express entry, just one copy of transcripts is enough. Have all the documents in place including the demand draft before you reach the university. Good luck.

      1. If i will need 1 copy for myself and 1 for WES for a B.Tech and M.E degree, how much amount DD should I take? Is there a separate DD for both degress or 1 DD for both?

        1. Author

          In that case, you need two copies of B.Tech. and M.E. transcripts(2+2). You can take a single DD for ₹2000.

  21. Does 1 M.E transcript mean the degree certificate+consolidated semester marks?
    Does WES require only that or anything else also? I found an Academic request form of WES. Do i have to fill that also from the university? im going on job purpose not academic

    1. Also if i want the university to send transcript directly to wes then how much shud i pay

      1. Author

        Better send it yourself, the advantages have been discussed before.

    2. Author

      Yes, the transcripts will have both the information. But you need to send a photocopy of your degree certificate too to WES.
      Not required if you are looking for Canadian immigration.

      1. Hi Sriman,

        Thanks for all the valuable info. i dont know whether you will be able to answer to this anyways,
        i have done my bachelors degree from calicut university and masters in anna university,
        now the problem is that calicut university wont give the transcript to us they will send it directly to the WES and anna university gives it to me,will this be a problem for me because both the transcripts will reach the WES in different timings.

        1. Author

          Please check the following thread in another forum. Hope this helps.

          Question: Also, I will send one package from my end with above mentioned stuff. My PG university sends another package. I know we mention the WES reference number. But will both of them reach on same time. I am so confused about the packages and how to include what and where!!

          Answer: You will have to create the WES acoount first and WES will wait until it recives all documents mentioned on you online application before it starts the evaluation, whether you or the university sends it

  22. You mention in one comment that you’ve given up on immigrating to Canada, can you explain your reasons so it may help us?

    1. Author

      Yes, I had everything in place including my WES ECA, IELTS, etc. But I made up my mind to stay back after a series of personal events. I have absolutely no regrets and living happily in India.

  23. Hi,

    Yesterday I applied for transcripts to Anna University for my wife who graduated from one of the affiliated colleges of Anna University. I would like to appreciate the person who has posted the procedure to get the transcripts from Anna University and other clarifications for various kinds of queries.

    I would like to reiterate that the procedure given to get the transcripts from Anna University is precise. If one follows this procedure and go with necessary copies of certificates, DD and foolscap cloth cover, the whole application process can be finished in 30 min even if there is long queue. Don’t be afraid of the queue, i think the officials are very fast though there is only one window to check the docs, issue the application and receive the competed application with the required document.

    The transcript office has put up all the procedures in details in their notice board. Please take some time to read and understand before you approach them for any clarification. The transcript office is housed in a small building behind the Controller of Examinations office. The entrance to this office in on the western side of the main entrance of Anna University.

    As far as ECA or immigration or any other matter is concerned I would advice people to go through the relevant and authentic websites in detail and understand the process first before posting any query here. However I appreciate Narayan, Sriman and others for answering all the queries with correct information and with patience 🙂 .


  24. Hi Britto,
    Thanks for the details here.
    I am planning to go next week for my wife’s transcripts. Its for her Ph.D, and would like to know how much would be the DD cost.
    Thank you in advance!

  25. Hi everyone,

    Can you please clarify if Anna university will directly send sealed docs to WES? If so, what’s the additional fee we need to pay?

    thank you in advance!

    1. Author

      Got the following from another forum.

      “I went to the AU Controller of examinations distance education today. And they sure have raised the prices for the transcript application, credentials attestation for WES and application for letter for non issuance of semester wise transcripts.
      Rs. 300 for WES
      Rs. 300 for non issuance and letter
      RS. 750 for transcripts

      And they had a notice that said the courier facility Has not been implemented yet. But the pricing given was $ 20 and additional charge.”

  26. Hello,

    Good Morning. I am trying to apply itranscript for my wife. She had done her Bachelor’s from Calicut University. The charges for itranscript is really huge where they charge based on individual mark sheets and the total is around 16,000. I have a doubt around this, Can I get a transcript for the consolidated marksheet where all the individual mark sheets are covered? Will it be accepted by the WES? Please help us with this

    1. Author

      Yes, consolidated mark sheet should be fine. Mine was consolidated too.

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