Top 5 – Compact SUVs in India

It’s almost a decade since the US housing bubble burst. The heat was felt in India too and the then government took a little step to boost automobile sales. This step of slashing excise for automobiles less than 4 meter long and have engines smaller than 1.2/1.5 liter petrol/diesel would later become a game changer in the Indian automobile scene. The move paved way for hot selling segments like compact sedans, compact SUVs and premium hatchbacks. An enthusiast wouldn’t exactly agree with the term compact SUV though. Here is the list of top 5 selling compact SUVs in India based on their sales chart from Jan-Jul ’17.


Mahindra NuvoSport

Quanto has been subjected to some cosmetic changes and rechristened NuvoSport. One of the most overlooked vehicles in this segment and hard to spot on the roads. There were some excellent deals on this vehicle during the demonetization, year end and pre GST sales.



Mahindra TUV 300

With a lot of American design cues, this ride stands tall, broad and earns a strong road presence. TUV stands for Tough Utility Vehicle. It has got a rear wheel drive setup and good ground clearance. Built to abuse and Mahindra has done a wonderful job in offering this ride as a wholesome package. Check out the available armor body kit.



Ford EcoSport

The only true American in this league. It was the first vehicle to be launched in this segment and was a runaway hit for Ford. The price has been steadily increased since it’s launch. The only vehicle in this segment which comes with a turbo boosted petrol engine.



Hyundai Creta

The most refined of the lot with the best interiors. Hyundai has come a long way to be where it is today. It’s fluidic design is one of the best design languages the country has seen so far. A suave ride for the urban driver.



Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

No one knows the Indian market like Maruti does. This nimble little ride is the segment best seller. Check out the different graphic options available. The only turn off would be the long waiting period.


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