Top 5 – Antioxidant Spices


Antioxidants procyanidins and flavanoids present in cocoa may also impact anti-aging properties. This is probably the most loved antioxidant across the world by different age groups. The cocoa beans are the basis for making chocolates. The cocoa tree is originally from the Americas.


Commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisines and alternative medicine like Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., Turmeric is rich in antioxidants too. Watch out for adulterants while buying it, gold-yellow is it’s native color.


This spice from the Mediterranean region which is pure can numb one’s tongue, such is it’s strong flavor. The colder the climate, the flavor becomes less intense. It’s prominently used in Italian and Italian-American cuisines.


The Dutch-Portuguese war which spanned over six decades was for controlling the spice trade in Europe. The spices from the Southeast Asian and Middle-Eastern countries were and are still of huge demand. Cinnamon is being used in cuisines across the world.


The cloves are used predominantly for medicinal purposes ranging from tooth ache to digestive problems. It is being used as a natural mouth freshener too. Various studies emphasize on the excellent antioxidant properties of it too. Adding the right spices to your food is the best way to a tasty and healthy life.


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