Tamil Nadu Government’s e-Services

It is a welcome move that many of the services offered by the state government of Tamil Nadu are now easily accessible. As of today, the revenue department’s services are available completely online. Whereas the services offered by other departments could be availed from the nearest e-Sevai center.

Follow these simple steps to get your services/certificates/documents/proofs from the respective departments.

1. Identify the service

Check the list of department wise services offered here.

There are some additional services that can be availed from educational institutions here.

Identify the service-code and the name of the service. (Ex: REV-101, Community Certificate)

2. Check if the service is available online

As of now, only the Revenue department’s services are being offered online. Existing users can log in here while new users can sign up here.

For services from other departments, you need to visit the nearest e-Sevai center.

3. Prepare the supporting documents

Identify the supporting documents here for the respective services. The required documents for some of the services are mentioned on the website itself(Ex: Nativity Certificate). If the list of supporting documents required is not mentioned on the website, get the list from the e-Sevai center executive itself.

4. Search for the nearest e-Sevai center

The address of your nearest e-Sevai center, center code, and the contact person details are available here. You can visit a center near your location and apply for the service.

5. Track the service request

Once you have applied for a particular service, note down the application ID. In the case of the revenue department, the status can be tracked here. For other departments, visit the e-Sevai center after the stipulated time to know the status of your application. You can check with the e-Sevai center executive about the approximate timeline for the service you are applying for.

6. Helpdesk No

If you are stuck somewhere, contact the toll-free e-Sevai helpdesk number 18004251333.

Here is the master list of services available across departments:

Revenue Department
Community Certificate
Nativity Certificate
Income Certificate
First Graduate Certificate
Deserted Woman Certificate
Agricultural Income Certificate
Family Migration Certificate
Unemployment Certificate
Widow Certificate
Certificate for Loss of Educational Records due to Natural Disaster
Inter-caste Marriage certificate
Legal Heir Certificate
Other Backward Class (OBC) Certificate
Residence Certificate
Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate
Solvency Certificate
No Male Child Certificate
Unmarried Certificate
License under Pawn Broker Act
Money Lender’s License

Electricity Bill Payment

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission 2016 B.E. / B.Tech Online Registration

Corporation of Chennai
Printing of Birth Certificate
Printing of Death Certificate
Renewal of trade license
Collection of company tax
Collection of professional tax
Collection of property tax

Chennai Metro Water Supply & Sewerage Board
Water and Sewerage Tax

Commissionerate of Municipal Administration(CMA)
Collection of Non Tax
Collection of Professional Tax
Collection of Property tax
Collection of Underground Drainage Charge
Collection of Water Charges

Directorate of Boilers
Registration of License under boilers act
Renewal of License under boilers act
Application for Approval of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers
Application for Renewal of Manufacturer/Erector of Boilers

Employment Training
Printing of registration ID
Application for Renewal
Application for Registration
Application for profile updation

Drug Control Administration
Application for licence to grant or renewal allopathic drugs
Application for licence to grant or renewal Homoeopathic Medicines
Application for licence to grant or renewal restricted licence (allopathic drugs)
Application for licence to grant or renewal specified in Schedule X drugs
Application to obtain duplicate license

Fire & Rescue
NOC for MSB Compliance
NOC for MSB Planning Permission
NOC for Non – MSB Planning Permission
MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal
Non – MSB Fire License Registration and Renewal

Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection
Apply for New Card
Card Mutation
Printing of Smart Card

PDS Aadhaar Enrollment

Chennai Traffic Police
Challan Payment

WAQF Board
Ulema Pension Scheme

Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate
Issuance of Drawing Approval
Issuance of Safety Certificate

Directorate of Fisheries
Relief Assistance to marine Fishermen families during Fishing Ban period
Special Allowance to marine Fishermen families during Fishing lean period

Welfare of Differently Abled Persons
Loan Assistance
Marriage Assistance
Maintenance Support

Adi-Dravidar & Tribal Welfare Department
GoI Post matric Scholarship for SC Students
GoI Post matric Scholarship for ST Students
State Special Scholarship for Post matric Students
Higher Education Special Scholarship Scheme

Backward Classes Welfare Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities Welfare Department
Issuance of Post Matric Scholarship for BC
Issuance of Post Matric Scholarship for MBC Students
Educational Assistance to BC students in Professional Courses
Educational Assistance to MBC students in Professional Courses
Educational Assistance to BC Graduates
Educational Assistance to MBC Graduates
Educational Assistance to BC Polytechnic Students
Educational Assistance to MBC Polytechnic Students

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