Educational Credential Assessment from World Education Services

What is WES?

  • World Education Services (WES) is a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada.


  • WES is designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to provide Educational Credential Assessments (ECA) for degree(s) earned outside of Canada.
  • An ECA is required to apply for certain CIC immigration programs.
  • ECA obtained through WES is time and cost effective.

How to get your educational credentials assessed?

  • Use the free WES Degree Equivalency Tool to see what your degree is worth in Canada.
  • Check the different Documents to Send based on your level of education.
  • Ensure the documents meet the WES requirements using the Document Submission Checklist.
  • After making sure you have all the documents to WES specification, complete the WES Application and get a WES Reference Number.
  • Send the documents by post or courier to WES with the WES Reference Number written on the envelope.

Where to send the documents?

  • You can find the postal and courier address here.

How to send the documents?

  • I spent considerable time talking to folks from the logistics industry and analyzing the different ways to send the documents. I would suggest the following carriers.
    • DHL: DHL is the most preferred carrier to send documents from India to North America. DHL offers a discounted price for sending documents to universities/WES.
    • WorldNet Express: WorldNet Express (WNX) is the express service launched under the partnership between India Post and Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN). If you are sending documents from a small town or a remote village, this is the most preferred carrier.

How long does it take?

  • This is my WES – ECA timeline:
29 March Courier Sent
31 March Courier Delivered
06 April Documents received – review in progress
11 April Evaluation in Progress
18 April Completed
27 April Received report by post

How much does it cost?

  • WES Package: CAD 233.91
  • Shipping cost by DHL: INR 1265 (From Chennai, varies with time)
  • Shipping cost by DHL: INR 1390 (From Madurai, varies with time)
  • Shipping cost by WNX: INR 1454 (From anywhere in India, varies with time)

How long is it valid?

  • WES – ECA received is valid for five years from the date of issue.


Thanks for reading. Hope this helps and wish you get your credentials evaluated soon.


  1. Hi, I enquired dhl office in person as well as through customer care. They told there is discount only for universities not for wes. Can you please help on this.

    1. I have used DHL twice for sending documents to WES and never faced an issue. There might be some third party service providers in your place having ties with multiple carriers like DHL, FedEx, TNT, Aramex, etc. You can get the exact information from them if not from the DHL franchise. Try this if you are in Chennai:, something similar might be available in your place. If you are from a small town or village, try the WorldNet Express.

  2. Hi. Loved reading your blog. You are doing a great service. I wanted to understand what if my university doesn’t provide yearly mark sheet transcripts, then what should I send to WES?

    1. I tried getting transcripts for a friend of mine from one Alagappa University. Most of the people were not even aware they could apply for transcripts. They did not even have an application form. We had to write a letter to the COE and get it done. Please try to reach out to your university’s Controller of Examination/Registrar/Dean. If still nothing works out, try to get your mark sheets attested by any one of these authorities. Keep them in an envelope and get your university’s seal and authority’s sign across the flap. Along with this envelope, write a letter to WES explaining your situation. Also make sure your certificates are translated by an approved translator if they are not in English.

      1. I am staying in andhra and I have dis my MBA hospital management masters from Alagappa university karaikudi TN. Can you please share me link (email) or procedure to obtain official transcripts from Alagappa university to send WES for ECA.
        My mail ID. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi,
    What about school certificates?
    do they have to be sent across as well
    I have done masters

    1. School certificates are not required. In your case, only bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates are needed.

      1. Hello Narayan,

        Just to clarify, I have done my Bachelors…… in this case i need to send the following….
        1. Degree certificate – Photocopy
        2. Academic transcript – From my univ. (Ann Univ) in a sealed and attested envelope

        anything else?

        1. Yes, that should be enough.

  4. I need to transcript my wifes bachelors and masters certificates from Bharathiyar university, what all documents required to send to them, if I am opting a agency for the same. Do I need to send the original documents to them, all marksheets we need to send them or only final year. This is for canada RP application.

    1. Most of the university officials will ask for the original certificates for inspection purposes only. There is no need to hand over them any original documents. If you go through an agency, most of the time there is no need for any original documents at all.

      1. Hello Narayan,

        Just to clarify, I have done my Bachelors…… in this case i need to send the following….
        1. Degree certificate – Photocopy
        2. Academic transcript – From my univ. (Ann Univ) in a sealed and attested envelope

        Anything else? Also, Do I need to write WES reference on degree certificate?

        1. Author

          Yes, the two points you mentioned are correct. Writing the WES reference on the envelope is good enough.

  5. This is an great post. Thank you for writing it. I do have one question – I am about to send my transcripts to WES. These are from Univ of Madras and are attested by the attestation officer there. I read on a different forum that WES has rejected some other Univ of Madras transcripts as they need them to be attested specifically by the Registrar. What has been your experience in this regard? A reply would be helpful.

    1. Please make sure the transcripts are BOTH signed and sealed by the authorities. It should be done across the opening of the envelope as advised by WES.

  6. Hi Narayan,

    I believe following documents should be included in the envelope.

    1. Original Transcripts received from the University
    2. Photocopy of degree certificate

    Is there anything else?
    Also, should the degree certificate be attested by COE or some gazetted officer ? or just a xerox is enough?

    1. Yes, this is perfect. No need for signature/attestation on the degree certificate.

  7. Hi,
    First of all thanks for you nice and clear post.

    I’ve done my UG in a college which is under MK university and PG in Kalasalingam University itself. So, after reading your post came to know that we need to login into WES official website and apply then get the reference number. Once that is done…

    * I need to go to my UG college and get all my certificate attested then need to go to MK University. And send the transcripts?
    * So, after applying they will send the transcripts copy to my communication address.
    * The same for Kalasalingam University, need to apply and get the transcripts from them?
    * Once I got both the transcripts, need to send separately to WES by DHL?

    IF possible can you please comment on the above-mentioned steps are correct?


    1. Yes, the steps are perfect. Please have all the documents in place first and then apply on the WES portal.

  8. Hello Experts,

    // Location – DELHI NCR.

    I just talked to DHL customer service and the executive confirmed that seal will be opened either in front of me or at the service center to verify if the Envelop contains only the papers, not anything else. I told him about the scenario and a number of people who courier the documents to the university but the executive is more concerned about the security issues rather than the seal.

    I have to courier the documents on behalf of my university and so I can’t afford to open the envelope.

    What alternatives I have here, another courier service? Or DHL customer care is not aware of the actual process?

    Please advise and share your experience with the courier.


    1. There is a special courier plan offered by DHL for students at a concessional price. Take your transcripts, degree certificate’s photocopy, and an envelope. Show the contents to the courier executive. Never ever open the transcripts which is sealed by the university. Once the executive say okay, seal your envelope and write the WES reference number on top of it.

  9. I have recently used WES. I believe their 20 days turn around time is only a scam. They take more than two weeks to acknowledge just the receipt of the documents, especially when the document was sent from across the border of Canada. Calling them is of no use, as their standard response is we have not yet received the documents. I have written twice to the customer care but received no response yet.

    1. Author

      Sorry to hear that. It took 29 days for me to receive the report by post. The timeline and statuses could be seen in the above post.

  10. HI,
    I am about to send Bachelor degree TRANSCRIPTS to WES. can you please answer my below query.

    1. Transcripts envelop should be sealed and attested – does this mean, is it fine to seal and attested only on top of the envelop or does university authority has to seal and sign on each and every transcript? or both?
    2. what are the contents do i need to include apart from transcripts, (i mean any document need to file and send)?
    3. once the payment (including postal charges) has been made on WES website do we need to pay anything at DHL courier service?

    Waiting for your valuable response. thanks

    1. Author

      1. Since you have a bachelor’s degree, you need to provide only one transcript. The transcript envelope needs to be signed and sealed by the university’s authorities. The outer envelope inside which you place the transcript need not be signed or sealed.
      2. The documents required are based on your type of education which can be found here:
      3. The WES’ postal charges are for sending you back the ECA from US/Canada to India(Or whichever country). Before that, you have to send the application along with the supporting documents from India(Or whichever country) to US/Canada for which you have to pay.

      1. Please help urgent. Can I send both bachelor’s and master’s degree (engineering and MBA respectively), transcript in one single sealed envelope. Both are from same pune university.

        1. Author

          Yes, both your transcripts can be placed in a single envelope and sent across. I did it that way.

  11. What should be done in the case one has not completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and dropped out? What kind of WES ECA should be selected? Apart from this, which option to be selected in “highest level of education”? Should we select : Two year’s program at a university?

    1. Author

      If you dropped out of bachelors, I’m afraid the highest level of education should be high school. Only successfully completed two year programs will be recognized by WES.

    1. Author

      Yes it is. Manipal University is now being called ‘Manipal Academy of Higher Education’.


    1. Author

      No, not at this time. But Nagaland University is accepted.

      1. Hi Sriman –
        My transcripts has just got delivered to WES. Will we get the soft copy of the report or should we wait for hard copy to reach by post to create our EE profile?

        1. Author

          You will get an email from WES with the following subject ‘EVALUATION COMPLETED NOTIFICATION – Reference # (XXXXXXX)’. Once you get it, the following can be done to view your report(soft copy). The hard copy will take some time to be delivered.

          1. Log in to My Account
          2. Click on your reference number (1st column highlighted in yellow)
          3. Click on Order Details
          4. Click the box “View Report”

  13. which package to choose for USA evaluation. They are recommending $205 one.Also does WES provide pdf version to us.

    1. Author

      Yes, you can go with that. The ECA report will be sent by USPS. You can download the PDF version of your ECA once the evaluation is complete. You will receive an email with the following subject: ‘EVALUATION COMPLETED NOTIFICATION – Reference # (XXXXXXX)’

  14. Hi Sriman –
    Below are my Ielts score
    Listening – 7.0
    Reading – 8.5
    Writing – 7.0
    Speaking – 7.5
    Overall – 7.5

    CRS is 411, am I eligible for Express Entry

    1. Author

      Yes, you are.

      Five rounds of invitations have been sent so far this year with the minimum CRS score ranging from 442-456. So you have better chances by going through PNP.

      1. Thanks a lot, Once I receive my ECA I will create my EE Profile. Below are the queries I have,
        1. Can I select ‘All Provinces’ or ‘Ontario’ /’Alberta’? since I need to go through PNP
        2. It’s really difficult for me to get experience certificate on my employers letter head as they will not be agreeing for that. Can I get it from my colleague and notarize with supporting documents like Offer letter, Payslips and appraisal letter?

        1. Author

          1. I would suggest ‘All Provinces’. You have better chances of PNP from Maritime provinces and Saskatchewan too. The Masters Graduate stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is also open since last week(5th April).
          2. Yes, get it from a colleague(Someone with a higher grade/designation/title would be better) and notarize it.

  15. Is Sree Vinayaka Mission University in Salem approved by WES?

  16. Hi Sriman –
    I am applying as single applicant, i.e. marital status = married but spouse not accompanying. While creating EE profile in personal details section they ask about family members count. what should I mention there? 1 or 2(including spouse).?

    1. Author

      If you are applying as a single applicant, it has to be 1. But the process is much faster and easier if you include you spouse and kids at the time of application. Sponsoring a family member’s visa later could take as long as 12 months.

      1. My Wife is 5 Months pregnant now. However I have applied for ECA for both of us, and when I checked CRS if I include spouse it decreases from 411 to 394. And another thing I worry about is medicals, if suppose I get ITA through PNP also not sure she’ll be able to take up medicals. Bit confused of these scenarios. How shall I proceed?

        1. Author

          If you are okay with the idea of staying away from your family for a year, then apply for you alone(You can also consider temporary resident/tourist visa till your family becomes a permanent resident). Having a CRS of 400+ increases your chances of PNP invite from different provinces. I would not recommend travelling while pregnant and the climate conditions are extremely different between the two countries.

  17. Sir Im applying for Canada PR visa.

    Initially i need to get Sealed transcripts from University. Whether i want make payment in WES and after that only i can apply for Transcripts.. or after getting transcripts sahll i make paymnet in WES..

    1. Author

      Get your transcripts and other documents first. Then apply for the WES ECA.

  18. So, even if i’m applying for me alone also she needs to complete her medicals right? Except for X-ray test all other tests can be taken for her. Will they hold my application due to this?

    And as you said im planning to take my family after I settle there or may be apply for visitor visa.

    1. Author

      If you are applying alone, then medical tests are only required for you.

      The applicant is supposed to declare all the dependent’s information. Dependents, whether accompanying or not are required to undergo the medical tests.

        1. Author

          Sorry for the wrong information, you are right.

          Yes. All of your accompanying and non-accompanying dependants must have a medical exam performed by a Panel Physician approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

          Non-accompanying dependants must undergo a medical exam to make sure they are admissible to Canada. They must be admissible to maintain their eligibility to be sponsored by their family members in the future.

          Having inadmissible dependants might make you inadmissible as an applicant for permanent residence.

  19. Hi Sriman –
    No problem. First of all thank you for taking patience in responding to all our queries. I will get back to you again if I stuck somewhere. My only worries is the medicals of spouse as doctors wont take X-rays during pregnancy, i’m afraid that it would delay or withhold my application. Rest all is clear and manageable.

    1. Author

      Good luck and keep us posted so that it would be helpful for someone else in a similar situation.

  20. Hi Sriman,

    Firstly, thanks allot for information you are sharing. This is Hari and I am trying for Canada PR Visa. So far, I have applied for Transcript from Anna University and waiting to collect it. Now, am confused about WES. How should I apply for it. Should I again go to Anna University. I checked with my agency and they said that they can create WES ID for me and send directly. It would cost Rs.16000 per head i.e. for me and my wife. Is that correct.

    Also, am the primary applicant, Is Transcript and WES is important/mandatory for my wife too? Is there any advantage for me doing so. Could you please clarify. Thanks.

    1. Author

      There are two ways of sending the transcripts to WES.
      1. Sent by university
      2. Sent by you

      I would recommend the second way since you can confirm if the transcripts are signed and sealed across the flap. Then you can choose the best courier/postal service and keep a track of it. Better don’t go through any agencies for WES ECA, it is easy and can get it done by yourself.

      It depends on your spouse’s age, educational qualification, etc. Say for example, if she has a doctorate/post graduate degree then your CRS score will improve.

  21. Hi,

    I’m in the process of applying for Canada PR. I have done B.Tech and MBA from different universities in India. I have done B.Tech from Amity University Rajasthan which is a private UGC recognized university in India and MBA from Rajasthan University.
    I downloaded a list of autonomous universities and colleges from WES website and Rajasthan University’s name was there, but Amity’s wasn’t.
    Can you please clarify whether my bachelor’s education will count or not as I’m a little confused.
    Thank you for the help

    1. Author

      The recognizing university of the autonomous college really matters. If the university’s name in your degree certificate shows up in WES’ list of universities, then your degree counts. Unfortunately, Amity does not show up in the list of institutions by WES.

  22. I am little confused .Does WES evaluate distance learning program I have done diploma fom SCDL symbiosis Pune 2 year program. Will it get evaluted

      1. Hello Sriman,

        Are you 100% sure on this?

  23. Please help-

    i completed my BBA.

    1st year and 2nd year exams in 2014.(Two Exams in Same Year with same Year on both mark sheet)
    3rd year final exam in 2015.

    WES Website ask for Total years of Program attended.

    Should i mention from 2013 to 2014 or
    2014 to 2015.

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Most of the BBA programs I have heard of are for 3 years. Please confirm if your’s is 2 years. Which university is this?

  24. is National institute of Event management college considered as PGDM ?

    1. Author

      Looks like this institution is not recognized by WES as of now.

  25. Hi Sir, Its been 3 month since i get WES report softcopy.. I was waiting for the hardcopy as it will take some time.. Yet no luck.. pls suggest what can i do to get it or bring this issue to WES..

    1. Author

      Sorry, I have never seen this happen to me or any of my friends. I believe the soft copy should be sufficient. In case you think the original shipment was lost and want the hard copy too, please request WES for another copy. Choose courier delivery instead of standard delivery so that you can track it.

  26. Hello!!
    Does WES recognise degree from Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) Mumbai University?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      It looks like Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) Mumbai University is not recognized as of now.

  27. Hi Sir,

    Thank you so much for an informative blog. I just have a below query as I am starting my ECA process now to proceed with Canada PR.

    I have completed by Diploma from Department Of Technical Education (DOTE) , State Board, Tamil Nadu and BE from Anna University. Do I need to get transcript and mark sheet from both DOTE and Anna University and Courier to WES inside a single envelope by not opening the one which we received from University / State Board ?


    1. Author

      I believe your BE from Anna University alone should be enough.

  28. Hello, ,A degree holder need transcript of high school and higher Secondary certificate

    1. Author

      Transcripts required only for degree, not for high school/higher secondary.

  29. Hi Sriman,
    I have done BCA from BIT, Lalpur Ranchi, which is an extension center of BIT, Mesra and PGDM from ITM, chennai.
    Both colleges name are not showing in the list. What should I do?

    1. Author

      I believe BIT is on the list. ITM doesn’t look like it’s in the list yet.

  30. Hi, I already received my certificate saying the equivalency of my program to canadian. I don’t know the next step. please help 🙁

      1. Not yet. Should I take IELTS now?

        1. Author

          Yes, if you know English better than French; Then IELTS is the way to go. There are lots of materials available online for preparing. Good luck.

  31. Is PGDCA from Tamil Nadu Open University ( TNOU ) approved by WES ? I couldn’t see TNOU in the institute list in the degree eval tool, but when I try to add credential via Add education credential ( after log into wes account ), it was listed with Post graduate diploma option too. I even checked UGC and DEB as well as AICTE to see if TNOU is approved, and in all places, it is approved for Distance Education.

    1. Author

      If it shows up in the list, go ahead and add your diploma too. But it all depends on how WES evaluates the Candian equivalency of your degree and diploma. Based on which your CRS score will be impacted.

  32. Hello Sriman! Thanks a lot for your blog and all the help. I am a graduate engineer from a tier 2 college in India namely Manipal academy of higher education. Are our degrees recognised in Canada ?

    Because if after PR my degree is not valid there , is it still a good move to migrate to CANADA?

    1. Author

      Yes, Manipal Academy of Higher Education is recognized by WES. ECA can get your PR. But getting a job depends on various factors. Good luck.

  33. Hi Sriman,
    I understand that transcripts are received from university in a sealed envelope. But I see that degree copy is also to be sent. So, do we send the degree copy in the courier package separately from the sealed envelope which only has transcripts?

    1. Author

      Yes, that’s right. A bigger courier envelope with the sealed transcripts’ envelope and your degree copy.

  34. Can I place my UG and PG transcripts (sealed envelopes) in a big cover and send it to WES?

  35. Hello pls am about to send my credentials and I got to knw am to add my secondary school leaving certificate because of where I reside Nigeria, pls can I add the other documents I mean the transcript and degree certificate in a bigger envelope. Thanks for ur swift response

  36. I have done BA from External Candidate Cell, Delhi university and Diploma Engineering (BTE) Regular. Should I process transcripts for both or only one for processing it with WES?

    1. Author

      If both are recognized by WES, get transcripts for them both. Though it may not be considered as a Masters, you may have better job opportunities.

  37. Hello, I studied half high school at an institution and then transferred to another institution, do my academic transcripts have to be sent on an envelope sealed and signed by both institutions or only one?

    1. Author

      Transcripts are not required for high school education but only college/university. Always remember that the one issuing the certificate has to be contacted for the transcripts, in most of the cases it is the later.

  38. I have done engineering from VTU. Need ECA report from WES. how to apply for that to our university. can we do it online? what all documents i need to send to my university apart from the form from WES website.? Do i have to send documents hard copy or scan copies will work. I am in middle east so its bit difficult. kindly advise

  39. Hi Sriman.
    I was just wondering if anyone around has gotten their transcripts accepted by WES after being attested by the attestation officer at the University of Madras. The University does not make an effort of getting it attested by either the COE or the Registrar. Shed some light on this issue.

    1. Author

      Kindly check out this forum. It looks like the Registrar is the signing authority for Madras University.

      syedmdsiraj5050 said: ↑
      Hi, does the attestation has to be controller of examinations or an attestation officer is sufficient? Please advise, I am literally going through every thread here in the forum and didnt find any answer.
      If you are talking about university of madras, there is only one guy who attests that is the Registrar. I dont remember his title but no issues faced with WES. There is literally no one else who does this job in university so you should be fine if you get it from him.

      1. But now the attestation for me was done by the attestation officer and when asked why doesn’t the Registrar or the COE sign, he stated he’s been authorised by them to sign. Will this now stand valid??

        1. Author

          Yes, it should be valid if he is authorized. Do get it sealed as well.

  40. Thank you for the assistance.

  41. My WES evaluation has taken longer than expected, it’s now 2 months, still no status update, what can be done?

    1. Author

      Follow up with WES and identify where exactly your evaluation is stuck. Some are being sent for the university’s verification.

  42. Hi Sriman ,

    Does WES accept Hindi Praveen(Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar sabha) exams ? How should we send the report to WES for the same ? Please advice.

    1. Author

      WES generally accepts degrees and diplomas that are being offered by universities. The ‘Praveen Uttarardh’ is being offered by ‘Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha’ which is an organization. I believe it will not be recognized by WES as a degree. But it is widely accepted in India as a degree equivalent.

      1. Thanks Sriman, but when I registered for credential evaluation, I can see ‘Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha’ as one option , so looking for some expert opinion.

        1. Author

          Which degree did you choose after selecting the country of education? I chose Bachelor of Arts and still not able to see the institution.

          1. I created a WES account and in the options i get that option. I have selected that option and even paid. But not able to get proper response from the DBHPS. Not able to post a screenshot here

          2. Yeah , but the confusing factor is they also have MA ,Mphil degrees. I am not getting any details regarding this in web. I approached DBHPS , none seems to be aware about this. I am not sure how to address this now. Please let me know anyone in your network has done thing similar.

            Thanks Sriman for your time.

  43. Hi Shriman,

    First of all thank you for making this detaild post which clears out major confusions.

    I have completed my Bachelors in Gujarat Technologocal University.
    I am still having some confusion regarding this new change in WES, saying that:
    “Required Document Update: WES has changed our required documents as of December 1, 2018. We only accept documents in sealed envelopes that are mailed directly by the institutions themselves. This means that WES will not accept documents sent by colleges, students themselves, third party agents, or anyone else.
    If your WES reference number was issued on or after December 1, 2018, the new policy applies to you. If your WES reference number was issued before December 1, 2018, the new policy does not apply. For more information, please click here.”
    1. Should my university will send transcripts to WES? I mean do I need to write any letter to request them?
    2. If university will send that, then should I have to give them my Degree Certificate’s photocopy? or Should I have to mail to WES saperately?

    1. Author

      1. Yes, your university needs to send the transcripts. The process may be different across universities. Get in touch with your university’s COE or Registrar or Dean or whoever is responsible to send the transcripts.
      2. Technically you can mail them separately with the WES reference number quoted. But if there is an option in your university to send the degree certificate’s photocopy alongside the transcripts, it would be better. The documents will be sent in a single shot and cost saved on logistics.

      1. Hi Sriman,

        Thank you for your time and answer.

        I’m having one more question related to the selection of Evaluation while generating the WES application:
        I have completed my Bachelors in Gujarat Technological University.
        I am planning to apply for Regina University for Master’s study, whether it will be good if I select my evaluation as ‘Document-by-Document Evaluation (WES ICAP)’ (worth of 150$)? or do I have to select any specific option?

  44. Hello Sriman,

    Thanks for helping a lot of us out with your blog! This is great work! up!

    I am a Bachelor od dental surgery graduate from VK institute of dental surgery under KLE Academy of higher education and reaearch

    I am planning to immigrate to Canada and would like to apply for WES credential evaluation.

    Do you or any one here under the commentary section have any idea about how does WES identify or recognise this BDS degree and college and university?

    Will the evaluation result say 5 years of Canadian undergraduate study? Anybody already done their evaluation and obtained a result yet?

    Appreciate all the help I can get!


  45. Hi,

    Thankyou for all the information that you have provided. It has helped me a lot to understand everything. I had a query though :

    I have done my Bachelor’s Degree from RTMNU and i have a 2 year diploma degree of Interior Designing as well.

    How do i know that WES will consider my diploma degree as well?

    Thank you.

    1. Author

      RTMNU is recognized by WES. You can try to evaluate if your diploma is also from the same university. We are not able to view diplomas from the degree equivalency tool. You can try to send both the degree and diploma transcripts to WES. If you are trying for Canadian migration, then the impact of an additional diploma on your CRS will be hardly 1 or 2. Good luck.

  46. Hello, I have done my MBA from Xavier’s Institute of Management Studies, now when i am checking Wes degree eval tool i cant find the name of college. However after creating login id and filling the details the college name is reflecting so now i am confuse whether MBA from Xavier’s Institute of Management Studies (XIBMS) is recognized by WES or not. Awaiting for your reply.

  47. Hi,

    Thank you for helping us by answering the queries.

    For Bachelor’s Degree from India, the WES website says that the Degree should be a Division I degree in order to be considered equivalent to a US 4 years Bachelor’s one. I scored 59% in my Bachelor’s and it is Division II as per my certificate, so will that be considered equivalent to the US Bachelor’s or not as per WES?

    PS: It is a B.A. (Hons.) degree in English from University of Delhi.

    1. Author

      If your B.A. (Hons.) is a three-year program, then it will be equivalent to ‘Three years of undergraduate study’ in the US.

  48. Hi Sriman

    I need to get 2 degrees evaluated from WES for tow different universities. 1. My graduation from DU and 2. My post graduation from MGU universities.

    How am I supposed to proceed with this now that only universities have to send the transcripts to wes?

    Do I also need to send any copies along with the university transcripts? Eg. copies of degrees and marksheets

    Also, my graduation is 3 years full time from DU and pg is 2 years distance learning. What could be the possible evaluation result as per your understanding.

    Deepak Attri

    1. Author

      Hi Deepak,
      You have to make sure the envelopes sent by both the universities should have your WES reference number on it. Get in touch with the respective universities to know what are the documents that will be sent in the envelope. You will have to work it out with them. Full time or distance learning is not an issue, the program and the university needs to be recognized by WES. Good luck.

  49. Can anyone please tell me the process of getting sealed envelope of education documents from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and send it to WES?. It will be a great help!

  50. Hi, I have two questions to ask you.

    01. I got two certificates, one is 2 Years Higher National Diploma and 1 year Degee. I requested my two universities to send the Certificates and Transcripts to WES directly. Do I want to courier my certificates to WES myself too?
    02. How it will be evaluate for 2 Years HND and 1 Year Degree in WES?
    Can you please clear me with these two questions?

    1. Author

      1. The universities have to send the transcripts directly to WES.
      2. That depends on the university and course. Please check the degree equivalency tool for that.

  51. Hi
    Pls let me know the answers of following questions
    01.Does WES evaluates distance education courses.?
    02.If so, what would be my ECA report for my BBA and MBA those are acquired from Bharathiar university under school of distance education.?
    03.WES shows the name of Bharathiar university as recognised, however, is it applicable for distance education too.?
    04.Now in the list of recognised universities list of distance education from UGC site, Bharathiar university is not showing. Will it affect my ECA report.?

    1. Author

      1. Yes
      2. Based on the degree equivalency tool. It is the same for all regular/full-time/part-time/distance education degrees.
      3. Yes
      4. Not necessarily, ECA is not based on UGC recognition

  52. Hi Shailesh, any luck on this?
    Also, can you please help to let me know if a 6 month PG course from Manipal Academy of Higher Education is evaluated by WES?
    If yes, can it be counted under “Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees” in Canada Express Entry profile for getting extra points?

    NOTE: Already have my Bachelors(4yrs) Degree. PG will be on top of it.

  53. Though the previous post was addressed to Shailesh.

    Sriman, can you help to check on this too?
    Can you please help to let me know if a 6 month PG course from Manipal Academy of Higher Education is evaluated by WES?
    If yes, can it be counted under “Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees” in Canada Express Entry profile for getting extra points?

    NOTE: Already have my Bachelors(4yrs) Degree. PG will be on top of it.

  54. Though the previous post was addressed to Shailesh.

    Sriman, can you also please help to let me know if a 6 month PG course from Manipal Academy of Higher Education is evaluated by WES?
    If yes, can it be counted under “Two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees” in Canada Express Entry profile for getting extra points?

    NOTE: Already have my Bachelors(4yrs) Degree. PG will be on top of it.

    1. Author

      It depends on which degree you have completed. Manipal Academy of Higher Education is recognized by WES, but there is a probability that not all of its master degrees are recognized. The number of years of study has one of the following options: 1/2/3 years. Check the following link to see if your degree is recognized.

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