11 Benefits of solving the Rubik’s Cube

Ever seen or solved the Rubik’s cube? Well, give it a try sometime. The following are the benefits of solving one.

Improves reflexes

To understand how it improves one’s reflexes you must actually lay your hands on a cube. When the pieces start falling into their places, the more responsive and reflexive you act.

Ability to identify pattern increases

One trait most of the successful CEOs around the world have is to identify trends and patterns. A cube is one of the most basic patterns that can get you started with.

Faster hand-eye coordination

Well, you have something other than video games that can help improvise hand-eye coordination. It helps various professionals like a software engineer or a fighter jet pilot.

Problem-solving ability improves

All of us face problems every day. The ability to solve them differs with every person. The cube could really progress that ability.

Leisure activity that doesn’t strain the eyes

Most of the leisure activities today revolve around a gadget; Smartphone, laptop, television, etc. Here is a chance to pick something real and that wouldn’t strain your eyes.

Enhances finger dexterity and agility

Finger dexterity plays a vital role in various activities like playing musical instruments or performing street magic. And the cube helps you keep those fingers agile.

Helps in breaking down complex tasks

No task is complex when you can break them into smaller/simpler tasks. Solving a cube is a typical example of breaking down the complex task of solving the entire cube to solving each face.

Avert from nail-biting/smoking

This might sound strange but keeping your fingers busy helps you quit smoking. That need not necessarily be a cube but do consider it’s other benefits as well. Some have quit nail-biting by being occupied with a cube.

See the bigger picture

One move affects the entire cube. Being able to see the bigger picture helps us in a lot many ways in our personal and professional lives. Cube solving inculcates that practice.

Saves from boredom

Getting bored can happen to anyone, anytime. There are cubes which can easily fit in a child’s palm. You don’t have to carry heavy gears to chase boredom away, be it a bus or waiting lounge.


There is always room for self-improvement. Practice day in, day out and be able to solve the cube quicker than before. Keep beating your own record. The current world record for solving the 3×3 Rubik’s cube is 3.47 seconds.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Self-improvisation ? Or maybe self improvement ?

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