100 Things to Do in Virudhunagar!


We might have traveled around the world and seen places. But where we grew up, stays close to our heart and will always continue to be special. So is Virudhunagar for me. Here is a list of things to do in our beautiful little town (Though some of them might sound common). Please add up with your comments.

1. Visit Thiru. Kamarajar’s residence
2. Feed the fishes in theppam with puffed rice
3. Try the plain milk kova/cake from VCMS canteen/No 1 Milk Depot
4. A trip to the Kullursandai reservoir
5. Take kids to the municipal park in college road
6. Take a stroll in the neem tree road near Malaiamman temple
7. Try the Alla Pichai hotel near theppam
8. Learn about the government offices available in the Collectorate
9. Visit the Mahara Nonbu in KVS school
10. Take a dip at the swimming pool in VHNSN college
11. Elephant watching in it’s Aruppukottai road shelter
12. Go walking in the railway station
13. Meditate in the pyramids of VHNSN college
14. Try some baked stuff/confectioneries from Mahesh bakery
15. Play tennis in the Cosmopolitan club
16. Visit the KVS exhibition in summer
17. Check out the government hospital and the way it functions
18. Take a part-time vocational course in a polytechnic/ITI
19. Pay a visit to the old age home in Aruppukottai road
20. Do not miss the Panguni Pongal festival
21. Play any game with a local team
22. Learn a number of arts/crafts from home tutors
23. Go running/climbing in the Sulakkarai stadium
24. Buy exotic birds/fishes from Ayyanar spinning mill
25. Take a pebble stone walk in VSVN Polytechnic
26. Try swimming/diving in one of the numerous wells in town
27. Attend a Sunday mass in any church
28. Know the MLA/MP office in town for any petitions
29. Bird watching in Kullursandai reservoir
30. Consult with the famous Meesalur astrologer
31. Early morning bath in any Nandavanam
32. Check the museum in town
33. Cool yourself in an Arun ice cream parlor
34. Roam around small gullies in a bicycle/motorcycle
35. Visit the Ayyanar temple in Sulakkarai
36. Have dinner at the Burma Kadai
37. Test your driving skills/patience on a morning main bazaar
38. Play basketball in the Winrose club
39. Watch the trains from Aruppukottai road/Sattur road over-bridge
40. Know the women police stations for women safety
41. Check the Veyil Uganthamman festival
42. Visit the annual day program of educational institutions
43. Take a motorcycle trip to any hill station/waterfalls/sea shore nearby
44. Watch a movie in the very few theaters in town
45. Attend a typical Virudhunagar wedding that takes place for three days
46. Check the fish/bird market near KVS school
47. Elephant watching in Balasubramaniar temple
48. Try the Virudhunagar oil parotta from a numerous eateries
49. Learn yoga from Ambal thirumana mandapam
50. Visit a dairy farm in town
51. Take kids cycling in the panju pettai
52. Sunday morning visit to the KVS vegetable market
53. Spend some time at the deaf and dumb school in Sulakkarai
54. Watch a movie shooting
55. Go for an industrial visit
56. Visit a game parlor with video/computer games
57. Check out the Municipality and it’s services
58. Old school work-outs in Kamarajar/Kattaiyan gymnasiums
59. Go fishing in Kowsiga river/numerous wells in town
60. Try and check the services available in the head post office
61. Taste the masala soda at Ganesar mark near theppam
62. Go for a short cycle rickshaw trip
63. Buy personalized homemade jewelry from exceptional artisans
64. Get some nonbu kanji in the month of Ramazan
65. Watch the court proceedings near theppam
66. Make use of the health camps/check-ups
67. Visit the district library
68. Attend music, dance classes in the Kamarajar Mandram
69. Visit temples on a Prathosam
70. Read a book in the VHNSN college neem tree road
71. Try some vegetarian breakfast with a coffee in Abirami/Anjaneya hotel
72. Know the police stations in town and the areas that comes under them
73. Pray for an ill kid at the Thirupugazh Samy Madam
74. Go for a weekend shopping in Madurai
75. Buy some exotic fishes from Raja aquarium
76. Try the Old Rajamani hotel
77. Join a social welfare organization
78. Know the Thasildhar’s office and it’s services
79. Learn aerobics in Ambal thirumana mandapam
80. Visit a family deity with friends/family in and around Virudhunagar
81. Attend a meeting/gathering in the national football ground/pottal
82. Pray at a Mandakadapadi that is arranged several times in a year
83. Pay a visit to the Anbu Illam in Aruppukottai road
84. Take lessons from a Driving school
85. Read some books or dailies in the Ariviyal Mandram
86. Go bidding on the annual fish auction in theppam
87. Order some Christmas cakes from the old Anton bakery
88. Get a personally designed flex board for an occasion
89. Swim in theppam during the Periya Karthigai festival
90. Watch the Kowsiga Mahanadhi river from an overbridge
91. Go skating, learn martial arts in Budo Ryu school
92. Visit the Sai Baba temple near Meesalur
93. Check the Sub Registrar’s office and services available
94. Try the musical Mini bus service
95. Visit the school for special children near Vadiyan gate
96. Liaise for numerous business opportunities
97. Visit a studio and get a self/family portrait
98. Pray for an ill kid in any mosque
99. Visit the Ayya kovil
100. Buy and read books on Virudhunagar’s history

Photo Credits: Ajeeth Kumar, AJEE Photography

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